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Would there be time and the people for a normal social life if I work in the City? Watch

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    (Original post by Wisefire)
    One thing I'm greatly over thinking and contemplating at the moment is whether I would still have the time and the people around me to have a sweet enough social life around London if I had a City job...

    I don't know whether I should do a Psychology degree and pursue Psychology, what might also interest me more, but may not lead to fulfilling, fruitful employment (unless I remain in education for a long time and get a Master's/go beyond UG level, in which case I could be a psychologist or go into research even), or whether I do a Management or Business and Management degree and aim for a City job.

    If I do Business, and end up having a City job, I fear I might not have the time or come to know of the people (well, wishfully female friends) to go out to places around London like Camden or Shoreditch with. I have this idea in my head that I'll be confined and suppressed by the priorities such work would bring, i.e making money... I definitely want a work-life balance into the future, for I have had a miserably lonely life so far. I've never had a social life due to complex reasons.

    I have thoughts of remaining in education for a long time so that I can come across more people and possibly end up with a stronger social life. There would be many other positives too to staying in education for a long time. I just don't know what education to go after...

    To not drift off-topic, the point of this thread and these words I'm writing here is that I want to get an idea from people on TSR of what a probable social life would be like if I do a Business and Management or Management degree and pursue a career in financial services or business in the City....?

    You know, I badly dream of going out to places like Camden with friends, female friends, like normal people do, before I die. I don't want to put myself in a situation whereby I am just stuck in a routine strongly tied with the job I have.

    I want a strong social and sex life. What do I do? I'm worried I'll never get a life. I don't currently work or study and I have no friends at all and no life whatsoever, and I've always been lonely because of pitiful circumstances I once had, outcast amongst a year group full of ***** essentially, outcast in a boy's private school I had a bursary to go to.
    Depends what kind of city job. If it's like banking or IB, then you'll probably work till late every night and go drinking every night (seems to be the pattern with family members who work in the city). You can have a social life in London, and I'm sure you'll find friends as it's the biggest city in the UK.

    If you want to do education, do education. If you want to work in the city, then go work in the city. Do whichever one you think will make you more happy, as money isn't everything.
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