(Some help for) Edexcel iGCSE English Literature: Poetry 2016

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Hey guys! Here are the rankings for which poems are mostly gonna come up tomorrow and I have added some key things to write about. Good luck!

1) If - This poem is addressed to the poet's son, so it is in a form of a dramatic monologue. This is an uplifting poem as the poet is advising his son how to live life and the iambic pentameter stresses on the words the poet wants us to focus on.

2) Do Not Go Gentle - This poem is in the form of a Villanelle as the structure is very tight and restrictive to convey the poet's anger. This is a pessimistic poem as the poet is addressing his father to fight his own death and live life to its fullest.

3) Remember - Completely opposite to "Do Not Go Gentle..." this poem is about embracing the idea of death and the rhyme scheme reflects the form of a Petrarchian sonnet. The tone is melancholic but uplifting as it doesn't reveal any regrets.

4) La Belle Dame - This poem is in a form of a ballad, which is like a fairytale as it conveys a story in romantic detail. It is very idealistic and traditionally portrays the theme of love and death (the poet was writing this poem to a girl he fell in love with but unfortunately, he was suffering from tuberculosis). The structure is in quatrains and rhythm is iambic to portray that folk song feeling. The poem means "Beautiful lady without pity" which suggests that love can frustrate anger.

5) Mother in a Refugee Camp - The title gives out an immediate setting of a mother in a refugee camp in Africa in the 1960s. It is structured in free verse with the enjambment reflecting the mother's consciousness to create a visual image of life in a refugee camp. It is in a single stanza to convey the on going struggle as the opening gives a religious effect as it relates to the suffering Mary had when Jesus died but conveys how their relationship is everlasting.

6) Sonnet 116 - This little song conveys Shakespeare's thoughts about love as it shows ideas of the strength of true love. The tone is very passionate and the rhythm makes it sound like a little song about love. (I really hate this poem lol)

7) Once Upon a Time - This again is in a form of a dramatic monologue as the poet is advising his son about what could happen in life. The title indicates the poem is like a fairtytale though this is ironic as it doesn't end happily. The rhyme scheme is in free verse to convey his desire to be free and honest as the theme is about prejudice and discrimination.

8) Half Past Two - This poem is written in the eyes of a child as it is in a form of a fairtytale. The structure is simple to convey the sense of realism and mimics the childlike speech.

9) Telephone Conversation - This is in a form of a dialogue between a landlady and an African man, who was being descriminated against. The poet describes his own experiences and it is structured in one single stanza to present that on key event in his life. Moreover, the tone throughout is full of anger though the poet uses irony to convey the issue in a humorous way.

10) Prayer Before Birth - This poem is addressing towards the future generation as the poet expresses a deep concern about the life awaited children to being born into such a world. (was during WW2). This is in a form of a prayer to God as he needs to stop the suffering and the rhyme scheme echoes the prayer format.

11) Tyger - The title symbolises experiences and fear of life, questioning why God has created such a world. The form is symmetrical to suggest the fixed creation of the world by the nature of God and to raise uncomfortable questions to humanity about their beliefs of God.

12) War Photographer - The form is regular as it mirrors the sense of the photographer's risk to do his job but yet, controlling and dealing with his emotions to do so. The structure is rigid to compliment the disturbing images in the poem and the poem is pessimistic as it is about anti war. The poet wants to educate people about the suffering of the world.

13) Piano - This poem had a deep effect to the poet as he was devoted to his mother, who has passed away. This poem is in a flashback in which the title focuses on a memory, where the structure is very complex and filled with emotive language.

14) My Last Duchess - (sigh, another poem I don't like) The tone is very conversational as the language fuctions to command the listener and the rhythm is fast as it is written in a continuous piece. This poem is in a dramatic monologue as he is speaking at great length to reflect his arrogance.

15) Hide and Seek - This poem is in a form of a childhood memory as the title refers to a familiar childhood game. The long stanza indicates one particular key event and the free verse conveys the child's internal voice as he is considering what to do. The tone changes from excitement to betrayal as the child is left abandoned, which can link to the soldiers who are left to die at the battlefield.

16) Poem at 39 - The poem is in the form of an autobiography as the poet writes about her family background. It conveys her flow of thoughts and the enjambment helps to reflect her thought process as some memories are more detailed than others. The theme suggests that the poet wouldn't become the woman she is without her father as he had showed her what he had suffered so she wouldn't suffer the same way he did.

Hope this was helpful.

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