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    Lets be honest, when it comes to that period in history everything is about the evil Nazi Germans and those poor Jewish victims who we're constantly reminded that 6 million, 6 million, 6 million perished.. anything less is blasphemy! There is little to no room for debate, and in some countries even historians are locked up for questioning their narrative of history.

    There is never discussion about the many things the Jews were doing at the time that would have caused anti-Semitism.

    Just look up anti-Soviet propaganda by the Nazi's, they often depicted the stereotypical looking Jews being behind all the death.

    What am I talking about? the revolution in Russia, the red terror, the regime that was full of Jews who were complicit in terrible crimes of mass murder whether it was from gun fire, or starvation....

    Here's just a few names you should research..

    Lazar Kaganovich - Kaganovich was Stalins political figure head of the central committee. In 1928, Kaganovich led the implementation in the Ukraine of Stalins five year plan. The aim of Stalins five year plan was to destroy family farms through starvation making the peasants "landless" and there by introducing "collectivisation" The death toll estimates of the famines in Ukraine range between 2.4 and 7.5 million.

    Genrikh Yagoda - Founder of the NKVD (Soviet secret police) assisted in the first five year plan of starving largely Ukrainians.

    Ganrikh Lyushkov - He was a commander for the NKVD in the Russian far-east, where he had command of 20-30k elite troops.

    They were just a few known Jews..

    Lets remember just because some were open about being Jewish, does not mean that there weren't many who simply hid it.

    People should look at what they did to the Germans when defeated..

    Remember above all the Soviet Union was anti-Christian. How many Synagogues did they destroy? They burnt down Churches, desecrated Christian graves, raped and sodomized nuns and priests...

    Here's a speech from Vladamir Putin talking about the Jewis of the Soviet Union...

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