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    Well, the way you perceive yourself is probably the way others do too. People won't love you till you love yourself.
    There are so many people in your shoes right now so please don't feel so alone.

    You sound depressed, seek therapy. (you sound like me a few years back,)

    (Original post by king98034)
    Well, as the title says, I'm feeling terrible about going to university this September.

    I am a very quiet and shy person, and the reason is because I hate my appearance(my face, body)... it's something that's turned me from fun-loving to anti-social in the last few years. I have no friends, no girlfriend and I don't like talking to new people since I am afraid that they're judging me, and especially my looks... I can't make eye contact I've coped with being like this pretty well for a few years... since people at school didn't talk to me but I had my family at home. I've coped with it OK for a few years but the challenge of going to university now is making me feel very depressed.

    So yeah, the thought of going to a new place with new people is almost making me feel physically sick... I don't think anyone will like me. Or if someone decides to talk to me it will seem like I'm disinterested in them... It's happened in the past that people assume that I'm a loser because I can't make interesting conversation(but it's really because I don't want to "inflict" my ugliness onto them) i might develop a reputation as a loser or not worth knowing since that's what happened to me in high school...writing this post is the first time i've ever told someone how i feel... i would find it very difficult to visit a therapist because I hate feeling like a loser and then telling someone about it, since my family's always taught me to be proud of who I am and not to worry about other people. I find it hard to follow, since outside my immediate family no one has ever liked me...I don't know what I should do now.

    Thanks to anyone who's read this i hope someone has some tips/advice for me
    I'm slightly similar to you in the sense that I am also shy and quite antisocial ie, I find it hard to make friends....

    But remember, that most people going to uni would be in the same position - absolutely terrified and scared of meeting new people. Don't put yourself down like that, I'm sure you're a wonderful person and you just need a chance for other people to see it, if you think that you are a 'boring person' the likelihood is that this is what you would come across as. Just because you were cast out in highschool does not mean that history has to repeat itself! Make an effort to get to know people come september, I'm sure you'll find some friends in no time.
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