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V975 – Food Hygiene Rating Display Bill 2016 (Second Reading) watch

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    V975 – Food Hygiene Rating Display Bill 2016 (Second Reading), TSR Government

    B I L L


    Force food establishments to display their food hygiene rating from the FSA to all customers.

    BE IT ENACTED by The Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Commons in this present Parliament assembled, in accordance with the provisions of the Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

    1 Definitions
    (1) FSA: Food Standards Agency
    (2) Food establishment: Any business which makes or prepares food which would usually be inspected by the FSA.

    2 Display of food hygiene rating
    (1) All food establishments must display their food hygiene rating which they have received from the FSA for all customers to see.
    (1.1) This must be displayed somewhere where customers are able to see it from outside the food establishment.
    (2) All food establishments must also display their food hygiene rating on their website.
    (2.1) This must be displayed either on their homepage, or on their menu page.
    (2.2) They will receive a digital version of the hygiene rating from the FSA which will have a unique code linked to that establishment, so it can be confirmed they are displaying the correct rating. If they display an incorrect rating, they will receive a penalty as below.
    (2.3) This unique code will also be displayed on the FSA's online list of hygiene ratings for establishments, and the public will be able to report the establishment through an online form if they believe the establishment is displaying an incorrect rating.
    (3) Establishments are given 7 days to display their hygiene rating, after which, they will receive a penalty fine.

    3 Exceptions
    Any establishment which is run from premises used mainly as a private dwelling. They must still display it on their website if they have one.

    4 Penalties
    (1) If a food establishment fails to display this where customers can see from outside, or displays an incorrect rating on their website, the establishment will receive a fine:
    (1.1) First time: £1000
    (1.2) Second time: £2000
    (1.3) Third time and every time after: £5000
    (2) Establishments are given 7 days to put up the hygiene rating or the correct one on their website, without being fined a second time. After this, they will receive another fine.

    5 Short title and extent
    (1) This Act may be cited as the Food Hygiene Rating Display Act 2016.
    (2) This Act extends to the whole of the United Kingdom.

    At the moment, food establishments are not required by law to display their food hygiene rating. In these cases, the only way the public can be sure, is to look online, which many do not know about. This Bill would require all food establishments to display their hygiene rating where customers can see when they're walking down the street looking for somewhere to eat.

    This would help encourage establishments to improve the hygiene, and to strive for a higher rating.

    This would not cost anything, as the stickers are always provided to the establishment by the FSA already, and has the potential to generate revenue through fines, which could go back into the FSA to continue to help make sure everyone is safe when eating out.

    Changes for Second Reading
    Added in Section 3 to allow food businesses who are run from private dwellings, or who use temporary or mobile premises do not have to display their hygiene rating so it can be seen from outside. However, they do still have to display it on their website if they have one.

    Changes for Division
    Removal of exception for mobile/temporary premises.
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    Welcome Squad
    My overall apathy still tilts towards an aye.

    Whatever, aye. Should still have a prominence requirement, but it's better than the status quo and I definitely can't be arsed to write an amendment so it will probably stay like this.
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    Welcome Squad
    Couldn't care less if I'm honest, but aye because it's a sensible thing.
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