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Hi, I'm from Cardiff and I will be studying Life and Biological Sciences Access Course in September. Once I have passed this course I would like to attend university to gain a qualification to work directly with animals in some way. I ='m just preparing myself so I can choose the right university.

I understand that if I was to take a zoology course I could be come a zoologist, ecologist, conservationist, etc... but would this qualification also help with becoming a zoo keeper or marine biologist?
If not, does anybody have any suggestions to which universities would be better suited. Would I have to have a more specialist course in order to do these jobs?

I understand Swansea university provide a marine biology course, and Cardiff University provide a zoology course.

I'm only asking because animals are a great passion of mine and ideally I would love to be working closely with them in some way.

Ideally I would enjoy either working in a zoo with animals, cleaning enclosures, researching, feeding and looking after them as well as doing some conservation work.
I would like to be working in a marine environment where i could either be helping with animal conservation (turtles, dolphins, whales) or sustaining habitats like the great barrier reef chorals just for example.

Appreciate any help guys.
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Have a look at jobs you're interested in and work out what qualifications you need. My guess would be that it doesn't matter what you study now as long as it's relevant because you will have to do specialised training and gain work experience later.

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