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My daughter has applied for a student loan and I have supported her application.

I have provided my financial details and they have made an assessment based on that. However, I am on a debt management plan.

The amount awarded to my daughter is based on my gross income, less tax and I am presumably expected to make up the difference between the amount she has been allocated and the maximum award.

However, my ability to be able to make up that difference is also dependent upon the fact that I have to make a large monthly payment (£710) to the debt management plan.

I contacted student finance before starting to fill in the online form and was told that there was a box on the application where I would be able to provide details of the debt management plan and that this would be taken into account when making the assessment.

When I came to fill in the form, there was no box where I could provide the information. I contacted student finance again and was told that I'd have to get evidence from the debt management company of how much I was paying and forward that to them and then they would take account of the debt payment.

I phoned student finance again when I received the evidence from the debt management company to check that the document was suitable and was told that there was no need to send the document in as they wouldn't take it into account.

The next day, my daughter received her assessment, which didn't take the debt management plan into account.

Does anyone know if the debt management plan should be taken into account or not? I was informed by a manager at student finance that due to my circumstances, unfortunately it just wasn't financially viable for my daughter to attend university.

This doesn't seem to be a very fair way of applying the law - why should my daughter's ability to attend university be dependent upon some poor financial decisions I have taken in the past?

My debt management payment effectively puts me on a lower income than my gross salary and tax payments would suggest - if I were on that lower income without the debts, my daughter would receive a larger award.

I have been told by student finance that I can appeal, if i like, but that it won't make any difference.

Can someone enlighten me as to the assessment criteria?

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