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    1) A customer comes into the branch to collect a product that they had reserved via the telephone; however, when they arrive in branch the item isn’t available. What do you do first?

    A) Look to see if there is another similar product that would meet their needs and provide customer satisfaction
    B) Phone around other local branches to see if you can source the customer’s original product
    C) Ask your Manager to speak to the customer and work out a way of helping the customer further

    2) A customer has placed an order for a product, but during delivery to their house the packaging has become loose and the product slightly damaged. After replacing the product, what do you do?

    A) Alert the issue to your Manager so they can discuss it further with the delivery team
    B) Send the customer some vouchers as an apology and token of goodwill
    C) Apologise to the customer and work with the delivery team to understand more about how the incident occurred

    3)Which of the following types of organisations would you like to work for?
    An efficient and hierarchical organisation, where decisions are made by those in the most appropriate roles, but are made and progressed quickly

    An organisation where everyone is consulted about the majority of decisions, even if this means decisions sometimes take a long time to progress

    A flexible but relaxed organisation, where employees can take responsibility into their own hands, but decisions are not always followed through

    It is a busy sale period in branch and some Partners are unfortunately absent from work due to sickness. In order to process a large delivery, Partners have been requested to work some additional hours. Although you have been able to fit in your breaks, you are quite tired. Your Manager has agreed you will be paid for any extra time you work, but you were looking forward to a relaxing evening doing nothing. How do you respond?

    A) Agree to work the additional hours to process the delivery to get the job completed
    B) Consult with the other Partners in your department, to see if anyone else would like to volunteer
    C) Explain that you are too tired to stay on this occasion but would be keen to help out another time this week

    In what situation do you most commonly seek to gather feedback from others?
    A) Following major projects
    B) During formal performance appraisal or review sessions
    C)In all 1:1 meetings

    You notice that due to the closure of another store in the high street lots of customers are coming into your branch to ask for products that were once stocked by the other store. What do you do?

    A) Ask other Partners whether they often encounter this issue and who you should speak to about the problem
    B) Ask your Manager if there would be any scope for the branch to start stocking these products
    C) Politely inform customers that come into the branch that unfortunately your branch does not stock these products

    An opportunity to run an event for a local charity has emerged which you are keen to get involved in. To contribute to this you need to invest some of your own time outside of work hours. It is a particularly busy period and you are already working additional hours. What do you do?

    A) Try to work out a way of balancing both work and the charity event so I can get involved in the event
    B) Make getting involved in the event a priority and ask other Partners to take on some of my workload
    C) Think about getting involved in an event later in the year when I have more available time

    You are preparing for an already busy day ahead, when a crisis happens that you will need to deal with. You still need to get everything else done for the day. How do you feel?

    A) I don’t mind because I like to keep busy at work with lots of things to do
    B) A bit frustrated as I know it will mean that the quality of the rest of my work suffers
    C) A changing and dynamic workplace is one of the things I enjoy most at work

    You notice that when customers place a large order it often involves taking all the stock from the shop floor as well as that available in the stock room.

    Create signage to notify customers that the out-of-stock item can be ordered online
    Replace the out-of-stock product with a similar item to provide customers with an alternative option
    Ensure I clearly communicate to customers in my section that I can order the out-of-stock items for them

    You have been working on a project and feel that you have been building some detailed knowledge of the products involved. Your Manager requests that you move to a new project in a different department to help complete some urgent work. How do you feel?

    A) A little frustrated as you think your efforts on the project may not be recognised
    B) A little disappointed that you could not see the project through to the end
    C) A little annoyed but you are happy to accept the new situation

    In the John Lewis Partnership, everyone is a Partner and so generating opportunities for new business and improving profits is a shared responsibility. How do you feel about this?

    A) I feel motivated since I enjoy working in a business where you can influence the way things are done and share the results as a team
    B) I feel happy about this aspect of the culture but would expect to be rewarded on the basis of my level of contribution rather than sharing this equally with others
    C) I feel positive about this aspect of the Partnership way of working and see it as a new challenge, since I have not had responsibility in this way before
    A customer comes into the store and is complaining about a product which you don't know much about. You did not sell them the product but they seem to be focusing a lot of their unhappiness about the product on you personally. How do you respond?

    A) I apologise and refund the product, then suggest other products they might like better
    B) I let my passion for the brand show and talk to them about all the positives of the product and store
    C) I stay calm and ask them for more detail about what the problem with the product seems to be

    You have just finished pricing some new products, when you notice some errors. You don’t have any time left to correct the mistakes as you are required in another department. What do you do?

    A) Take the time to correct the errors even though it will mean you being late to the other department
    B) Explain the errors to another Partner in the department and ask them to correct them
    C) Make a note of the errors and go back to correct them as soon as you are ableour Manager has asked you to oversee a project in your department. There have already been several setbacks and meeting the final deadline is going to be challenging. What do you do?

    A) Let your Manager know the issues that have been occurring so if the deadline is missed they understand why
    B) Ask your Manager for help in prioritising tasks to ensure the deadline is not missed
    C) Focus on ensuring the deadline is met even if it means putting in extra effort for a short period of time

    You are working on improving a stock management process with your Manager. What is the first thing you would do?

    A) Analyse the existing process to collect as much information as possible to guide the changes
    B) Talk to other Partners who use the existing process to understand what works well and what could be improved
    C) Go straight into testing some new ideas you have for improving the existing process
    Thank you very much!

    Do your own homework.
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    When you take these tests you usually complete a declaration stating it is you, and you only, who is taking the test.

    These situational judgement tests are also based on company values/judgements and not solely common sense. This means that it usually means more than 1 answer could be a reasonable response, but one is more aligned to the company you are applying to. People on here could provide you with answers they think are the better ones (maybe through work experience at another company), but they could be wrong.

    Also pass marks on these tests tend to be very low, due to the subjective matter. As long as you are not selecting the ones that are clearly wrong, you should be fine.

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    Turns out all the answers are (D).

    I hate when you look at these and get thousands of snappy "do it yourself" answers... if youve never worked in retail how are you supposed to do these? They all vary compared to the establishment so you cant just use common sense because everyone does these things differently... also isnt this the kinda **** they should tell YOU?!?! I utterly hate these ******** forms.. all they do is annoy people who suck with form filling skills which doesnt mean you are bad at the job... its a ****ing till job... im fairly sure any **** can do it

    (Original post by Formando)
    I hate when you look at these and get thousands of snappy "do it yourself" answers... if youve never worked in retail how are you supposed to do these? They all vary compared to the establishment so you cant just use common sense because everyone does these things differently... also isnt this the kinda **** they should tell YOU?!?! I utterly hate these ******** forms.. all they do is annoy people who suck with form filling skills which doesnt mean you are bad at the job... its a ****ing till job... im fairly sure any **** can do it
    As someone said above, most of these forms are testing whether your behaviour aligns to the values of the company... if you want to pass you actually need to do your research to find out these values. If you can't be bothered to do that then it's not a very good demonstration of your work ethic.

    I do however agree that the forms are useless and a bit frustrating when companies use them for very basic retail jobs... they must know the majority of people working there are students, many of which are only looking for christmas/temp/part time work but I guess maybe more companies are using them because there's such a surplus of such people applying and it's a good way to cut off some of the applicants at the first round ?

    Here’s what I’d put
    B cause it gives the highest chance of getting the customer their original product + not enough of an issue to consult the manager?

    C (B isn’t doing anything and A is blowing it out of proportion as well shifting the incident for someone else to deal with)

    An efficient - hierachal. (just personal preference)

    A - cause get more $$$$$$$$$ plus you can say “oh next week” every time and if someone wanted to volunteer they probably already would have lol

    C - a bit of a hassle but I like feedback from seniors whenever possible tbh

    B - building your stores business my nig


    B and C tbh

    Create signage to notify customers that the out-of-stock item can be ordered online
    (saves you from doing it therefore saves time)

    B - i’d be pissed off asf but you gotta get on with **** so i’d probably put C

    B but I’d put C again, they like teamwork and B comes off as selfish tbh I low-key am.
    A ( no point asking for more info on the product when you know jack **** about it)
    B (Idk whether A or B is more efficient, but being late to another department just sets off a chain reaction of being late)
    A but ultimately B
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