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    I'm just finishing year 11, my A levels are next year. My current choices are Business, Media and Sociology. These seem pretty relevant for marketing. I have some questions though..

    1) are these the best choices for marketing?
    2) should I go to uni?
    3) if I go to uni, what degree should I do?

    1) I currently study marketing. I wouldn't worry too much about your A level choices. As long as you have at least one subject that relative business related you should be fine. Some may disagree, but you dont really have to be that academic to be good at marketing, its more of a mindset. Its not a difficult subject to learn, its mostly just regurgitating facts in exams and using some creative problem solving in coursework. Chose your A levels on what you find interesting, as you can always be good at business related subjects no matter what you study (except maybe finance). If that makes sense.

    2) Good question. Good bits:
    - you want to have a lot of fun
    - you find the subject really interesting and actually want to learn it
    - If its at a fairly reputable uni then yes
    - it will put you on par with all the other marketing graduates
    - Some jobs require higher education to even apply.

    Bad bits:
    - the debt. Gunna be like £40k or more. And i think its increasing. Not that big a deal though.
    - you might be more better off getting 3 years work experience in then 3 years studying in (depends on the experience, do you have good enough connections to find a good marketing job after A levels?)
    - I wouldn't if its not a great uni (aim for top 50%)
    - it will put you on par with all the other marketing graduates (will require you to do extra stuff on top of learning)

    If you are not sure consider maybe a year out? a lot of people do that and its a good way to get some experience + have a think

    3) My uni (portsmouth) and a lot of others do a "common first year" for all their business degrees. So in my first year Marketing, business studies, HR, Accounting, Management, Finance All had to do the same first year modules, which were a broad range of modules. Then in your 2nd year, you have the option to specialise (i chose marketing), or continue with a "business studies" degree by doing more the broad options again. This meant that people who were not sure what they wanted to do, had the option to try a marketing module, an accounting module, a management module ect in their first so in their 2nd year they can switch their degree to what they want to do. So when I complete my degree i will have a marketing degree, even though my first year was a "business degree". Anyway, its called a common first year and a lot of poly's do it. Have a look.

    Also look into doing a 4 year course so you can do a placement year. Very very good and highly recommended. Hope this helps. Please excuse my horrendous dyslexia. Msg if wanna chat more.
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