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Hi everyone,

Have been revising as much as I could force myself to following that AS biology exam but have stumbled upon a bit of a confusing part.

Not sure if it is a mistake, I'm more asking for your thoughts.

So in the digestive section it gives an overview of the components of pancreatic juice (Unit 2, Chapter 11, page 226) and it says that both trypsinogen AND enterokinase are secreted together.

Now I thought that it was that the chief cells in the crypts of Lieberkühn produced a range of enzymes including enterokinase. According to this Wikipedia article (I know I know, never trust Wikipedia, but still) it says that enterokinase is produced by the cells of the duodenum, which would support my assumption that the book is incorrect. The article on the Crypts of Lieberkühn also seems to support this.

So what is actually the case? Am I going crazy and misreading something, or is the book wrong to suggest that enterokinase is produced in pancreatic secretions?

Thanks for your replies in advance!
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Hi there, I think you are right. It would not make sense to have the enzyme that activates trypsinogen released from the pancreas, kind of defeats the object. I looked in my brothers text book and it also says the enterokinase is released by the duodenum. The trypsinogen is therefore not activated until it reaches the place where the food is! Protein digesting enzymes could digest the body itself.

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