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please read this and give me some feedback or advice i feel that it is extremely limited and my exam is in 4 days...
this is only my introduction and my first 3 paragraphs...

To what extent is the Labour Party still committed to its traditional principles?

Labour are still committed to its traditional principles. Labour's traditional policies focused on those who were most vulnerable in society. Labour strongly believe in a commitment to major public services, nationalisation and high taxation of the rich in order to fund for these services. However, others would argue that Labour are no longer committed to their traditional principles after the creation of ‘new labour’ which has been seen to accept and propose ‘thatcherite’ economic policies. New labour was a pragmatic creation as they knew they would have to gain the votes of the middle class if labour had a clear shot against the conservatives.

Labour is still committed to its protection of public services. Labour's first major commitment came under Attlee where he used a beverage report to tackle the ‘5 giants’ squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease. Attlee believed in order to tackle this he would have to create a ‘comprehensive welfare state’. Under Miliband this commitment continued, miliband proposed to Invest £2.5bn into NHS and reduce tuition fees to £6,000 a year. Investing money into the welfare state will enable it to stay comprehensive therefore dealing with disease and reducing fees will deal with idleness and more people will be able to afford university widening the opportunities for the most vulnerable in society. Furthermore, Under corbyn the Labour party has been fully committed to their traditional welfare principles. Corbyn wants to make the NHS completely free and accessible to everyone and he also wants to completely abolish university fees. This proves that labour are still committed to their traditional policies because they are still showing a strong commitment to public service.

Labour are also still committed to their principle of state intervention and Nationalisation. Traditional labour believe in a managed economy which is regulated by the government. This was introduced by Keynes who believed that that the government achieve full employment and stimulate growth by reflating the economy through higher levels of public spending. Attlee used Keynes approach and under his labour government Unemployment rarely rose above 2%, Inflation remained low and they built 1,016,349 new homes. Labour is still committed to this principle. Miliband proposed that Minimum wage would rise to £8 and he also wanted to Abolish the bedroom bedroom tax. Raising the minimum wage would ensure that the most vulnerable in society would have enough to live on and abolishing bedroom tax would allow them to use the space they have effectively without having to pay extra money for it. Therefore labour are still committed to their traditional policies because the state's intervention in the public's lives still remains strong in order to protect those most vulnerable.

Labour are still committed to their principle of high taxation. Traditionally labour used high taxation to relieve inequality within society. This has maintained under Miliband who proposed that Those earning above £150k will face a 50p tax rate. This money from the tax rate will allow the government invest into public services and therefore protect those most vulnerable in society. Furthermore, Corbyn wants higher tax on rich and to
Stop tax evasion. This shows that even through a change of context in society Labour leaders are still committed to the fundamental principle that the rich should be taxed to protect the poor.

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