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If I have time, and if all goes to plan, I'm going to be posting about the following topics in the next week:

Henry VIII - Government and Faction
Edward VI - Faction and Religion
Mary - Religion and Foreign Policy
Elizabeth - Religion and Foreign Policy

The Pilgrimage of Grace
The Western Rebellion
Kett's Rebellion
Wyatt's Rebellion
The Northern Rebellion

If anyone has any specific requests, please let me know!
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Here are some revision questions on faction!

1. On which date was the execution of John Lambert?
2. Which book encouraged the lesser role of sacraments in 1537?
3. Which ‘act’ discouraged pilgrimages in 1538?
4. Henry’s royal proclamation of 1538 confirmed what two religious practices?
5. Who dispatched his wife to Germany to safeguard his own position?
6. Who was temporarily excluded from the Council in 1538?
7. Who was chairman of the committee to pass a bill through Parliament to establish uniformity in religion and bring an end to experimentation?
8. Who steered the act through the House ofLords?
9. The Act of Precedence led who to lose some influence and led holders of the great offices of state to be elevated, and hereditary peers to be given positions in the Privy Council, tilting the power balance in favour of the conservatives?
10. Thomas Cromwell was made Earl of which county as a reward for his services?
11. Which Duke had Cromwell formed a Protestant alliance with in the 1530s?
12. When did Henry marry the Duke of Cleves’sister, Anne, nicknamed the ‘Flanders mare’?
13. What conflict developed between Francis I and Charles V in the 1540s?
14. Catherine Howard was the daughter of Edmund Howard, which Duke’s impoverished brother?
15. Christians who denied the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist were known as what?
16. What act convicted Cromwell after the he was denied the right of a full trial?
17. Who had leadership of the reformist faction fallen to by 1540?
18. The execution of which of Henry’s wives significantly weakened the conservative faction in 1542?
19. How many people has Raphael Holinshead estimated that Henry executed during his reign?
20. Who claimed that Henry was ‘at best only in partial control of court intrigues’?
21. How many men did Henry lead into battle against the French in June 1544?
22. How much did Henry’s foreign affairs in the 1540s cost, the equivalent of a decade of total expenditure in peacetime?
23. Which religious act was passed in 1543, the same year as the ‘King’s Book’?
24. When did Catherine Parr marry Henry?
25. Who collected evidence from the clerics in Canterbury in the plot against Cranmer?
26. Who was in charge of the investigation in the plot against Catherine Parr of 1546, after Norfolk believed that she was a dangerous influence on the King and Gardiner was sent to alert him of her heretical views?
27. Who had success in Scotland at this point?
28. Who controlled the Dry Stamp at the time of Henry’s death, after he was made Chief Gentleman of the King’s Privy Chambers in October 1546?
29. Who fell in 1546 after refusing a request tohand over certain ecclesiastical lands to enable Henry to define moreexplicitly the boundaries of his royal estates?
30. In the French campaign, Norfolk’s son, the Earl of Surrey, had originally distinguished himself. Where, however, did he lose 205 men in a battle in January 1546?
31. Henry had left orders for a Regency Council of 16 men. Which Earl/Duke in fact became Edward’s Lord Protector?
32. In which two years had acts been passed declaring Mary and Elizabeth illegitimate?
33. Which legal instrument, granted by Edward in March 1547, gave Somerset quasi-royal power?
34. In which year was parliament not called during Edward’s reign?
35. How many proclamations did Somerset issue during the three years he led the government?
36. Which historian has characterised Somerset’s rule as ‘autocratic’?
37. Who took sole control of the dry stamp, which should have been supervised by four men?
38. Members of the Council accused Somerset of ‘evil government’ at his trial in which year?
39. Which two countries was England involved in a war in, beginning in the latter years of Henry’s reign?
40. Which act, passed in 1547, abolished many ofthe harshest features of Henry’s rule, including the heresy, treason and censorship laws?
41. The Proclamation Act of 1539 was unpopular because it suggested that the King could rule without which body?
42. Which destructive act did the Treason Act encourage?
43. Which 1547 act was a ‘logical extension to the dissolution of the monasteries’? (The money from this financed the war in Scotland.)
44. Somerset’s attempt to appease the nobility by choosing not to resort to increased taxation and customs reforms meant that he continued with which policy?
45. What percent copper were silver coins by 1551?
46. Which historian has described Somerset asdriven not by ‘selfish motives but by the desire to achieve aims that were essentially noble’?
47. Where did Somerset establish a court of requests?
48. Which act and policy did Somerset introduce in the years 1547 – 1548 to alleviate the plight of the poor?

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