Is anyone else in the same position?

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HOPEFULY, I'm off to Nottingham this September to do American Studies providing I meet my offer of 3 B's. But even thoe some of my exams didn't go to badly, somes didn't go to well, hence, I'm not to confident on meeting the 3 B's, and I'm not sure if the admissions tutor will give me a little leeway and let me in if I do end up getting a grade lower. However, although I realy wanna go to Nottingham to do my course, I also wouldn't realy mind going to Reading which is my Insurance to do Politics. Overall thoe I would be (obviously) much happier if I got into Nottingham, but as I may end up getting a grade lower, I am still not sure whether I will get in or not!

Does anyone have any info and advice? I'd be particularly grateful to hear from anyone that still got onto their course after getting a grade lower for any course at the University of Notts

Thanx in advance
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