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my History exam is on monday and i do britain depth study and medicine through time!! Does anyone have a checklist that could help me make sure ive covered everything that could come up on the exam PLEASE
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Not a checklist but there's a very good video that goes through everything and it's an excellent way of remembering all the content. It's an hour and a half. If you're interested let me know and I'll find the link for you.
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Medicine Through Time Checklist:
Prehistoric Society:
-Explain the problems with evidence for studying prehistoric medicine
-Explain beliefs in spirits and the treatments used by medicine men
-Describe role of surgery (trephining) and similarities with traditional aboriginal societies
Ancient Egypt:
-Explain the development of Egyptian civilisation and its impact on medicine
-Explain the supernatural and natural beliefs and treatments used by the Egyptians
-Explain the developments in the understanding of physiology, anatomy and the causes of disease
-Explain how hygiene was important and what they did to keep clean
Ancient Greece:
- Explain what went on at the Asclepius-Explain theory of 4 humours and resulting treatments
-Explain Hippocrates and clinical method of observation
-Describe health and hygiene in Greece
-Explain the significance of developments in knowledge of anatomy and surgery at Alexandria
Ancient Rome:
-Explain how Roman medicine and Greek ideas and doctors linked
-Explain the significance of public health
-Explain Galen's ideas about physiology, anatomy and treatment
Middle Ages:
-Explain the impact of the collapse of the Roman empire on medicine/ public health
-Explain the impact of Islam and Christianity on medicine
-Explain the reasons for the acceptance of Galen's medicine
-Explain the continuance of supernatural beliefs and treatments
-Explain developments in surgery
-Explain living conditions, health and hygiene
-Describe domestic medicine, childbirth and the role of women
- Explain the use of hospitals and caring for the ill
-Describe the nature and importance of Arab medicine ( especially Rhazes and Avicenna)
-Debate the impact of superstition and Christianity on medicine
-Explain what people thought caused the Black Death and how did they try to prevent it
Medical Renaissance:
-Explain how the Renaissance was different to the Middle Ages
-Describe challenges to medical authority and how knowledge of anatomy improved
-Explain who Versalius was and his impact on medicine
-Explain who Paré was and his impact on medicine
-Explain who Harvey was and his impact on medicine
-Explain the continuing traditional methods (bleeding, wise women and reposes to plague)
-Explain the role of quacks and how they were different to the 'professionals'
Fighting disease in the 19th and 20th century:
-Explain vaccination and Edward Jenner's impact
-Explain opposition to the vaccination
-Explain establishment of nursing profession and women doctors (Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale)
-Explain what Germ Theory is and how Louis Pastuer Developed the idea
-Explain how Robert Koch developed Pastuer's ideas
-Explain how chicken cholera, anthrax, rabies and diphtheria vaccines were all developed
-Explain who Paul Ehrlich was and how his 'Magic bullets' revolutionised medicine
-Explain who Gerhard Domagk was and his sulphonamide drugs
-Explain the development of Penicillin and how Fleming discovered it
-Explain how Florey and Chain advanced the discovery and production of Penicillin
The Revolution in surgery:
-Explain why surgery was so painful before anaesthetics an early developments of anaesthetics
-Explain who James Simpson was and his development of chloroform
-Explain why people opposed the use of anaesthetics at first and how Queen Victoria using them changed their minds
-Explain how antiseptics developed and aseptic surgery
-Explain how blood transfusions developed

Here are some extra notes on medicine through time if needed: http://www.revisegcsehistory.co.uk/d...ugh%20Time.pdf

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