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I am in a straight relationship but sure I'm gay Watch

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    So I've been in a guy/girl relationship for about 9 months and Im 21. It just seems to be becoming clear that I think I could potentially women, I have kissed a lot of women and since 18 spent most weekends in gay bars. There was once this girl who really liked me and at the time I didn't think I liked woman but I won't lie I relished in the attention and blushed at nearly every opportunity with her. We kissed a lot even a few when sober which in the end I just thought were I'm immature and silly kisses.

    Over time I am realising I have no physical drive towards him and and he is very handsome and well built but I'm not attracted to him it's more I admire him. I am just worried whether I should just be throwing it all away with him as I do love him but I think it's more best friend/family love or whether I should possibly go on some dates with women see how I feel... I'm not sure just any kind of advice or input on the matter is very welcome

    den bunk her

    I'm really confused now are you a male of female?

    It wouldn't be fair for you to stay in the relationship if he feels like your feelings for him are romantic but they're not.

    But just because you're into girls doesn't mean you can't also be into guys. Don't let the media trick you, bisexuality is actually a thing believe it or not. You could just be bored of your current relationship rather than not into guys at all, because that is a thing when you're in a relationship for so long. And even then, it's not fair to stay.

    It would be better to tell him how you feel and part on good terms so that you could potentially restart it again at a later point if you regret breaking up, rather than keeping it all quiet and it coming out in a messy way in the future with no potential for reconciliation.

    I think that, regardless of your sexuality and what you will or won't identify as, you need to look at your relationship and determine if you are both happy and want to be with each other. Obviously attraction comes into that but don't stress about putting a label on yourself or giving a big explanation about why you do or don't want to stay in the relationship, just focus on your partnership specifically and talk to your boyfriend about how you're feeling. From what you've described, it does sound like you both might be better off ending the relationship, that way you can explore your feelings more and see what happens. Like I said though, talk to him and don't feel pressured either way, the important thing is for you both to be happy, good luck!
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