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    So I've recently been given an unconditional offer for Derby University for film production, I'm ecstatic and over the moon.

    Working on films, making them, working on sets is my calling, I know for a solid fact I want to do this for the rest of my life. I love the media industry.

    My unconditional allows for 3 years studying film production, and experience within the industry.

    Here's the thing.

    My Media A-level is going extremely well, I'm certain I will pass with a high grade,

    My IT Exams will be U/D because it seriously makes me depressed I hated that whole subject and flunked the exams. this much I've just accepted.

    And now I'm here stressing over psychology revision and exams. I have a keen interest in psychology but nothing major and I am not certain I will pass at all.

    So my question is this (finally):

    Should i really be fussed about my IT and Psychology results knowing that my media will do well and that I've already got into Uni to do something I adore.

    Do I really need those qualifications to work on film sets? I've been told it's all about experience and that even the degree i'm studying is more helpful as experience rather than the degree actually being an incentive for employers to hire you.

    TL;DR I'm certain I know what I want to do I've never wanted to do anything else, but does this allow me to take it easy with subjects I won't ever do again?

    Thank you!
    • TSR Support Team

    TSR Support Team
    I don't think you should be stressing about your A levels because as you say, you already have your place at university confirmed. But you should still sit the exams because A levels (and UCAS points) are sometimes used by employers to filter applicants. It isn’t the end of the world if you don't get good grades in ICT and Psychology, but getting the qualification is important.
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    Very Important Poster
    If its unconditional no point stressing. If it were me itb would be a point of pride to do as well as I could.
    • Official TSR Representative

    Official TSR Representative
    You guys have summed it up really well - if your offer is definitely Unconditional, then really well done! You have a place there whatever happens, and so it takes the stress and pressure off your A Levels - it is worth double checking though before you make any life-changing decisions about completing your courses or the effort you out in. It is also worth bearing in mind that there may well be bits of knowledge or information that will be useful in your degree, and by covering it earlier you may be at an advantage...

    Dave (Enquiries, Wrexham Glyndwr University)
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    Community Assistant
    As others have said it makes sense not to worry when you already have your offer confirmed. However at the same time you have nothing to really lose by trying to do well, providing it doesn't stress you out.

    When applying for a job you may one day find that you're identical to another candidate and the only thing setting you apart is that you have a few good A Levels in alternative subjects like IT and Psychology, making you a bit more well rounded.

    The way I see it is you don't gain anything by not bothering with them. It's still free education and you might as well get the most out of it. If your grades suck, that's fine. But if you do well it's another little thing that makes you look good. And sometimes those little things are what sway a decision. Not to mention you may one day find yourself utilising those A Levels in some way, even if you see no reason to use them at the moment.

    Basically don't stress over them but don't throw them away. Try to do as well as possible, if nothing else to show you have commitment.
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