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    Should this belong to career and job sector? i'll let the mods decide.

    Two weeks ago I had a guy turn up 15-20 minutes late for an interview wearing a t-shirt for a junior, corporate PR role. I turned him down for the role. He was persistent so I gave him some honest feedback, first point in the list was he had turned up quite late and seemed very casual about the interview.His response came through this morning: “Are you now going to tell me you’ve never been late to anything before?”

    Joseph Barratt, founder of Singapore PR agency Mutant Communications

    Interviewer: What would say really matters to you in life ?
    Candidate (female): I am sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.
    Interviewer: Well, what is important to you… when you think of your life what things do you want most or what values do you hold most important?
    Candidate: I never do it on the first date.
    Interviewer (after a bewildered pause): Sorry? What?
    Candidate: But I do do it on the second date.

    Ad agency boss, the Philippines

    Self awareness, especially of one’s weaknesses, is hugely important. But I once interviewed a guy who spent the first 25 minutes of the meeting telling me how terrible our organisation was – from capability to ideology to culture to credentials to website to leadership to client base to work. I couldn’t get a word in edgeways. It was an astonishing rant.I finally managed to get a sentence in and asked him if he could think of anything about our organisation which he thought was positive.Answer: No, nothing.I asked why he wanted to join us in that case. He said because he was the only person who could fix the mess. I asked how he would do that. He said he would start by firing me. Maybe he was a lunatic, or maybe a genius. I decided not to find out.

    Ad agency boss, Malaysia



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