French student in England/Scotland universities and drama schools?

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I am 21 years old French girl and would really like to apply for universities in September 2017. I have some ideas of what I'd like to study but I am still debating what the best choice would be. English literature and drama are the ones I am the most interested in. I am also looking into drama schools but I am fully aware that it might be a lot trickier for me to get into any big schools.
Being French, I have no clue how the British/Scottish education system work and would appreciate any tips you guys could give me. I also apologise in advance for using the word "french" a lot and the length of this message.

First of all, UCAS. How does it exactly work ? Especially being French, do any of you know how I can put my grades into the system ? Do I even have to use that platform to apply ? Does it work for both universities and drama schools (or do drama school in the UK use auditions only to judge students) ? Around what time of the year does the application process begin ?

After having a look at a few universities in Scotland, it turns out that it might be free for me as a French student but I am not entirely sure wether that includes any courses. Any foreign students have more informations on that?
I also read that some universities do English lit./Acting courses, is it worth anything ? Are drama courses generally theoretical or do you get to practice as well ?

I would also love to hear people's experiences with auditioning for drama schools. I have yet to go to one myself, have honestly no experience in auditions, I just love acting and have experience with stage performances. Any tips on preparing auditions ? What are the best schools in England and Scotland ? How expensive is it (to audition and study) ?

And lastly, how do scholarships work here ? I suppose as a French student I am probably not even entitled to apply for any but one can hope. If any French person read this, does the French government help in any way ?

I realise I have a lot of questions and most of it might not even make sense but I am really looking forward to reading anyone who can explain to me how all of this works, tips on getting into drama schools, English literature and drama courses, and scholarships and loans.
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I believe you do apply via UCAS, in the same was as us Englishmen do. There's options in the form for you to select your nationality, and they'll give you a list of things to do.
To start an application go to
Then you'll have to fill out a form, and the questions are pretty self explanatory. But if you get stuck, click the little [?] at the end of each question, and it will explain it.

This is the UCAS page for foreigners,

Have you contacted Student Finance England? (or the Scottish one), and applied for a loan? I believe International students can apply for a loan to cover the tuition fees, but can't get a maintenance loan. Scholarships, you can win in competitions from big companies, but grants you don't have to pay back don't exist any more for upcoming students.

There's bound to be lots of support out there, because Universities love international students. It tends to cost less to study abroad, and the unis make more money off foreign students.

Anyway, French girl, good luck! And I hope you're fluent in English, because we're not all that good at learning languages over here.

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