AQA GCSE History B 6th June 2016 Exam

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The questions from todays exam were as follows for 3 of the topics:

Peacemaking 1918-1919 and League of Nations
1) Describe the military terms of the Treaty of Versailles.
2) Do you agree that the main result of the Treaty of Versailles was that people were living freely and were able to elect their own leader.
3) Who was more responsible for the failure of the League:

Hitler's Foreign Policy and Origins of the Second World War:
1) What happened between the collapse of Czechoslovakia and the outbreak of the Second World War?
????2) Do you agree that war was inevitable after Chamberlains Policy of Appeasement?????? Not sure about this one
3) What was a bigger success for Hitler:
Remilitarisation of the Rhineland
Anschluss with Austria?

The Origins of the Cold War 1945-1960
1) Describe the Marshall Plan
2) Do you agree that the main reason for the issues between the allies was the Soviet expansion into Eastern Europe?
3) What heightened Cold War tensions more:
UN involvement in the Korean War
The USSR's response to the Hungarian Uprising?

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