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    I live in a beautiful place and love my home....but I live accross from a guy who lives alone, is retired and spends the majority of his time gawping at me through my windows, in my garden, and at my bf and I when we are sat together in the garden or in the living room.

    When I first moved here my bf and I made small talk with all the neighbours like you do when you first move in out of politeness and ended up meeting another couple who are very close friends now which is great.

    We spoke to the guy across the road and he seemed fine. I am trained in performing arts and have done allot of dancing of which got mentioned when me and my bf were chatting to him about our careers and what not.

    Anyway one day I was in the garden alone putting some washing out and he came over and asked how I was then went on to say 'So you used to be a dancer, I hope it was pole dancing!' with a really pervy look on his face. As you can imagine it made me really uncomfortable so I just replied 'Sorry?' as if I hadnt heard him right. He changed the subject to the weather then walked back to his house.

    Since then he has continued to make me really uncomfortable with his staring in my windows and whenever I am putting washing out/sitting in the sun.

    He even posted a little contact card through the door with my name on saying theyre his contact details if I need anything it was only addressed to me not my bf.

    Its like hes constantly there staring into my house and my other neighbours who I got close to as I mentioned further up have noticed it too when they have been round.

    Its making me not want to open my curtains and dread going into the garden. Ive told my bf about it and he said he understands but doesnt want to say anything in case it makes things awkward and because hes retired and has told me to ignore it but I cant stand this anymore.

    I avoid him as much as possible. We dont have net curtains in the windows as I like them to be open and lots of light in but I feel like Im going to have to get them to have some privacy.


    I don't really know what to suggest, it sounds fairly horrific. Perhaps try a helpline or some sort? They would be able to advise you better. Off the top of my head my immediate thought is the police, but this seems like somewhat of a "nuclear" option when your boyfriend having a quiet word is seen as possible too likely to cause drama.
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