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Anyone get past the screening test? If so, what were the answers to the following questions?

1) You are refilling a section of shelves in the store which you need to have completed before your break. Your manager approaches you and asks you to take your break an hour earlier as one of your colleagues needs to leave early today.

2) You have been serving at the checkout during your shift. It has been a quiet morning and the store has not had many customers. There are no customers waiting to be served at your checkout. A customer on the checkout next to you is struggling to pack their shopping.

3) What are your expectations of a typical day in the life of a Customer Assistant at Tesco?

4)You are just about to go on your lunch break. A customer asks you to help them with their shopping. Helping the customer will mean taking a shorter lunch break.

5) You usually work in the fruit and vegetables section but the clothing section will have a shortage of staff for three days next week. Your manager asks you to work in the Clothing section while they need the extra help.

6) Your manager asks you to cover your colleague’s work as they are off sick. You already have a full day’s work planned.

7) You are cleaning up spilt yoghurt which, if left, could be dangerous for customers. A customer asks you to help them to take their shopping to the checkout.

8) You have just returned from your break and are about to start refilling the sweets aisle when a customer approaches you to complain that the apples they bought tasted very bitter.

9) In your opinion, what is the most important quality you should have to work at Tesco?

10) The store is expecting a very busy week before a holiday season starts. Additional staff will be needed in the store so that everything still runs smoothly. Your manager says that if anyone can do any extra shifts it would be greatly appreciated.

11) There are road works being done on your normal route to work for two days next week. This may delay your journey by as much as half an hour each way.

12) You are collecting stock from the back of the store to use to refill some of the shelves in your section. You notice that there is some stock missing for the third time in the past two weeks.

13) What type of job do you think you would most enjoy?

14) You notice a customer is looking for something in the section you are working in and you offer to help. The customer is looking for barbecue utensils but these are a seasonal product and are not available at this time of year.

15) A customer approaches you in the store and asks why they cannot find the product that they are looking for. The product has been discontinued and so the store cannot stock it anymore.

16) You are working at the checkout and have a growing queue of customers to serve. As you scan a product for a customer, you notice that it has been charged at full price although you know that it is on sale. The line manager you need to correct the price is currently helping another customer with a query.

17) You are shopping on behalf of a customer that has ordered online. One member of your team is away so you are busier than normal. You only have a short time before the order is due to be loaded in to the van. As you are about to take the order to the van a customer approaches you with a question about returning an item.
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It's all about the customer. The customer is always right in Tesco mentality, even if they're not.
Tesco is an awful company to work for (Worked there for 5 years from CA to Manager).

#1 Do what your Manager says. They're accountable if it all goes wrong, not you. You just follow orders.

#2 is obvious. You'd offer to pack their shopping or just get involved.

#3 Depending on how you're trained and what format you're in (Express/Superstore etc) It could be anything from shelf-filling all day in different departments, or till work, serving customers, possibly stock control or working deliveries.

#4 Help the customer with their shopping. You have to clock in and out anyway, so your break would still be the same length OR have a shorter break and get paid for it.

#5 Go for it. Fruit and Veg is mind numbing (checking dates and chilled good gets tedious after a while). It's good to learn new skills and it could make your days more fun being able to move around more often.

#6 Do what he says. He's the manager and he's accountable if it all goes wrong. You just follow orders. Tesco doesn't like anyone with opinions or who 'goes against the grain'.

#7 Your discretion. If you don't clean the yoghurt you could have a lawsuit on your hands. If you don't help the customer they could be annoyed. A smart customer (they're rare) will see that you're busy and go elsewhere. You'll learn over time that a bit of cardboard and a swift motion can clean up a whole pot of yoghurt in a second, in which case, you can do both.

#8 Depending on how you're trained you may be able to process a refund through. If not, they usually have 2 options a) refund or b) replacement. Find out which one they want and walk them to the customer service desk.

#9 Obedience and tolerance. Some of your Manager will be the biggest idiots you will ever meet. Consumed with the Tesco mentality. Learn to obey, keep your mouth shut and tolerate stupid people.

#10 Bank holidays are hell. Very busy. (Easter is busier than Christmas). It's extra money, the time will fly. Take the over time.

#11 Duh, leave earlier.

#12 Internal theft happens. Raise it with your Manager or if you know how, check the stock counts for yourself and raise it. There's a whistleblower line you can cal if you know who it is, if not, pass it on to your Manager and start implementing 'lockdown' strategies (Tagging items etc)

#13 That's down to you. Which way would you like to kill your brain cells the most? Shelf-filling is boring. Stock control is alright as it's very 'behind the scenes' and independent. Lots of responsibility.

#14 Be honest. Tell them the product is no longer available at this time of year and suggest Amazon or another shop you know sells them.

#15 Explain to them that if stock isn't a popular line it's discontinued externally by the company. Apologise and suggest elsewhere that may have it. There was an App you could download to your phone where you could look at the stock levels of every store in the country. If you have time, you could have a look in other local stores for them.

#16 You can override this yourself on the till without a manager. If not, make them aware of it and ask them if they'd like to wait or if they wouldn't mind going to Customer Services so they could deal with them faster.

#17 Hopefully they're not stupid and they can see you're not a customer service desk. Apologise and direct them towards the customer service desk and assure them that they deal with all refunds.

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