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    I am leaving school in 3 weeks and I wish to start working pretty much as soon as I can. I will have no qualifications till August 25th and I am sure worried about asking for job vacancies and producing a CV. I have little experience with writing up a CV and I lack confidence to ask around in shops for job vacancies - a MAJOR problem for somebody wanting to work. Is there anything that I could do to boost my confidence or get myself into some sort of link with jobs? Where could I ask around? What jobs can I do at this age, surely Im to young for most things such as selling alcohol/cigarettes or serving them to people?

    Thank you for any support.

    You can work in retail serving on the checkouts. Most places let you just call over a manager for any alcohol sales, so you can do most of the job's work. Or you might end up getting a job in shelf-stacking. A tedious and unfulfilling job(I've done it), but some supermarkets pay well for even that job these days. (Morrisons pays £8.20 an hour)

    If you're worried about lack of qualifications, you should do some volunteering. There are usually plenty of places taking volunteers. In my area, there are charity shops, and there's the Citizens' Advice Bureau. I think there's a tech support group that takes volunteers too. Volunteering can be hard sometimes(don't expect them to be really easy on you just because they're not paying you. They know you're doing it to get a real job, so most work you like a real employee), but it looks really good on your CV.

    E: Oh, and for help building a CV, maybe just ask your parents. They must have written up a CV at some point to get their jobs, so they should be able to give you some advice.

    Employers will be aware of your age and where you are in your life so don't worry, most will hire you because you're cheaper to employ too.

    You will be able to work in retail, but when it comes to age-restricted products you will have to annoyingly ask for 'permission' off older staff to continue with the sale, even if they're obviously over age. Tedious, but it's the rules.

    You can work in any sector. I'd advise working in a sector that would help you in the future. Eg; If you want to be a chef, work as a waitress. If you want to study business, aim for retail. (Clothes shops, food/restaurants, call centers etc) As mentioned above, volunteering is great (albeit free) www.do-it.org.uk will highlight all the opportunities in your area (I worked in a prison and as a counsellor through volunteering, it's not just charity shops).

    What to write on your CV?
    Well, who are you? Name, address, professional email address and contact number is a good start.
    A paragraph explaining what skills you have. Are you part of any sports clubs? Have you don't Duke of Edinburgh? Have you done any work experience? What will make you stand out from every other applicant? Any other languages?
    You then want to include your education and predicted grades for your A-Levels Usually people want to know your Maths and English grades, but you could put "11 GCSEs A*-C grade" and they can inquire if they're interested.

    If you want to stand out even more you can create an awesome looking CV on the website Canva (it has loads of templates, just re-write your info, save as a pdf and send). You'd be memorable that's for sure.
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    Thank you very much!

    Sorry for such a delay, I have only just managed to get school finished and I went away on holiday.

    I think I'm going to try for coffee shops or cafes, purely because I asked about in Costa and they were pretty helpful and talked me through what to do.

    Have a look at Kent university careers section online as they have advice regarding making a CV.

    With cvs, try and show the skills that you have learned in any given environment eg school captain of X for x period responsible for Y which improved my skill A, skill B and skill c.

    You are very young so employers will likely be impressed with you showing initiative.

    Also you could try agency work. A few calls will tell you if they will take you on at your age.


    With agencies, you won't have to go door to door.

    The main thing I would say is, don't text, say hello to people and smile and be in time and always turn up. Lots of young people are unreliable so if you show that you are not you should be well away.

    I have a hunch you will be fine as you obviously have a lot of initiative 😄

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