27 looking to do a Social Work Master's Degree

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    So a little quick background about me.

    I went to Uni at 18 and decided to do a Journalism degree because it sounded 'fun', I know, bad reason - the life lesson has been learned. I came out of Uni with a 2:2 having little to no interest in Journalism in the slightest and found myself working as a Designer in the IT industry. 4 years on I am ready to pull my hair out, I cannot stand working in IT.

    However, the only thing that ever interested me, I always said if I could go back and start again I'd do this, is Social Work. I have previous experience as a Carer with the Elderly who have Alzheimer's and Dementia and I always found fulfilment from helping others, I feel like Social Work is that calling in life you get.

    I've done countless amounts of research into the job role, how to become a Social Worker and have decided that going back to Uni, at 27 (grim), will be the most viable option. However, every University I have looked at require a 2:1 Honours degree to be eligible for a Master's course to the point where it's just making me think will I ever be able to full fill this career change.

    From my research there are government schemes available but the next Cohort is in 2018, applications are being taken in Spring 2017, and by that time I could be halfway through a Master's, which I have read will help you reaching more senior positions in the future.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has been blocked by this 2:1 requirement? I've spoken to each University I'm interested in and just keep getting told "We only look at 2:1s, 2:2s will be thought of dependant on experience", which I have, but it was a job throughout the Summer / Winter months during University, and thus my IT career swept me in another direction.

    I find that if you reach the point of wanting to change your career to make a difference in a job like Social Work, you're in for a tough ride to even get accepted onto a course when you have that drive / willingness.

    So they havent said no. Just spend time working on your CV and get the experience needed to show the you are a credible candidate. Actions not words. Deeds not claims.
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    Thanks for your response 999tigger.

    I have contacted various institutions in regards to volunteering with young people such as our local Fire and Rescue services and Adoption / Fostering agencies. I am just waiting to hear back from them and then hopefully begin spending time gaining experience that would help with my Master's application.

    My main concern was the 2:2 degree hindering my ability to acquire a space on a Master's course when they state a 2:1 for eligibility. I have spoken to the University course providers and they do state they look at 2:2s but I there is not as much guarantee unlike having a 2:1. I was interested to know if anyone else has had a similar issue.

    Lately, whether it be my confidence level being low, I have wondered whether it'd be best to find a job in the Social Work sector, such as going back to be a carer for a year and then apply in 2017 for the Sept 2017 enrolment.

    I am just finding it quite challenging and I think after looking into everything in such detail it has clouded my vision rather than making a progress route more clear.

    I dont know how helpful this is now, but i have a 2:2 and have just been offered a place at NTU. So dont let it put you off

    I would say you should apply now, but also be open to the possibility it might not work out.

    If you don't get in then you can work on getting more work experience. I would suggest paid work, but any volunteering you can add around work would be great.

    As for the government training schemes I would not rely on them. My mum is a social worker (10 years qualified) and it's horrific the amount of cuts being made to services supplied by councils.

    I'd still apply, just make the other parts of your application stand out. And NTU is a good uni (I got my undergrad there, lots of mature students on my pointless degree course (photography)) and they consider 2:2 as previously stated plus, most people on a masters will be properly mature students, not just recent grads (I hope!)

    Volunteer work does help, have a look on do-it.org for stuff in your area. Or if you want to go all out with volunteer work you can look at Volunteering Matters. I did a year with them as a live in carer and they're an awesome organisation.
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