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    I`m a 20 year old virgin and for just over a year now I haven`t been able to get proper erections. I can get erections but they are incredibly weak and last for a second before going limp again. It almost feels like the blood does`t/can`t reach the head and can`t pull back any foreskin. Also even to get these erections requires intense concentration and effort whereas beforehand I could literally get boners at will by anything remotely stimulating and would happen naturally and instantaneously. It`s got to the point where I can look at almost anything and not get an erection without manual influence. I have absolutely no idea if this is physical or psychological but as I`ve said its been over a year now and I can`t take the frustration, I thought if I just did nothing the sensitivity would just come back after a while and its getting depressing to think I may never have sex or a children when in the past it could go rock hard in seconds.

    I`ve always had bad anxiety so nothing out of the ordinary has happened for me to suddenly become impotent in the past year and I`d have thought if this was a phsyical problem it would have passed by now. I currently masturbate around once every two weeks max and have frequently gone a month without to see if that was the problem but in the past at my "peak" I never did more than 2/3 times a week although I do masturbate quite intensively.

    In terms of advice, should I completely refrain from masturbating in case that is desensitizing my penis but a potential drawback is that may further weaken my erections as that muscle isn`t being used. Or should I continue masturbating to try and strengthen the muscle? I guess I should probably go to a doctor but as much as I understand they probably don`t care it is still \ bit embarrassing and also due to the fact I`m a virgin it`ll be harder to explain the deficiency as I have no sex life. Anyway, just looking for advice, I really hope this isn`t permanent as I`m suppose to be at my "sexual peak" around this age and don`t want to die a virgin.
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    Lots of men require physical stimulation to get an erection while awake, and two or three times a week is less than a lot of teenagers.

    I suspect it is related to your mental health rather than anything physical - you can test this by seeing if you get erections while asleep - but yes, it's doctor time.
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