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Do I have to complain about the manager? watch

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    I'm Alex and (to cut it short) I worked at Subway for 1 month. This period I waited for Manager to give me a contract to sign and I stayed on training the whole time. The thing is that all went fine, no one complained about me and the work I did (I heard just once when a colleague told the manager that I'm always on rushing and she didn't like it; well, the truth is that when the queue is 10 meters long what do you expect to do?). A thing to take into consideration is that we had 2 managers at Subway, they were a couple, i will call them Anna and Nick.

    At my first day of work, the Anna told me that I'm allowed to drink one coffee per day, any of the drinks from Coke Machine and one 6-inch sub. Also, she told me that she needs the National Insurance Number letter, a proof of address and a PHOTOCOPY of my passport. Things went brilliant, I started to like the way I work, Anna told me that she wants to keep me in their team and she will give me the contract to sign. The day after that, I get a call from Nick telling me that he has to fire me because I've been drinking a coffee without their permission, the employees are not allowed to drink even one coffee and I have problems with understanding things. How stupid could I be to understand that ''I am allowed to drink a coffee'' if someone says ''NO DRINKS ALLOWED''. Besides that, Anna was there every time when I had the mug of coffee in my hands without even asking me what's that. So the reason why Nick fired me it was because I drunk a coffee which I was not allowed to.

    A lot of people told me to complain about this unfair dismissal but I waited for them to give me a cheque with the money they owe to me. Yesterday I got a call from Nick that he needs my address to send me the cheque through post and I told him that I need my personal documents as well (the NIN letter, bank statement) and he replied: 'I don't know why you people don't give photocopies of documents, I can't find your papers, I think I've lost them, you can call HMRC to get a new letter from them' and then he hung up the phone without letting me have a say. I texted him 'I really need the documents I gave to you, maybe Anna was too busy to realize I gave her the original documents but it's not my fault. She told me to give the photocopy of the PASSPORT. I don't understand why you put the blame on the employees, I was not that stupid to give you an original document. She could have told me from the very beginning.'

    His answer to what I said was 'Don't **** with me man, don't **** with me. If you piss me off I won't give you the cheque anymore. Don't **** with me'.
    Now I don't even have the cheque and I feel a little bit scared.

    I need your help guys and sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes but I came from abroad and I still have to get used to it.


    Contact acas or citizens advice to get some help and advice from them in regards to your situation.
    It does sound very unfair but unfortunately employers have within a certain period to sack employees without a cause or reason, usually your trial period.

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    Ask Anna for them? She might know where they are if you gave them to her, also ask her why she lied to you about being allowed to drink coffee? Makes no sense!
    If they refuse to give you your money/documents you can definitely report them, especially as you have the texts as proof. It's illegal. Agree with above as well, go to CAB.

    Sorry, so what you are saying is that you have written evidence that a manager at the company, who unfairly dismissed you, has threatened to withhold pay that you have legally earned?

    Take him to the cleaners. He is acting illegally while you have been completely reasonable.

    Honestly, I would be tempted to form a well written and coherent letter detailing everything he has done and send it to the CEO of subway. See how the manager reacts then.
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