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    I just wanted to create a thread where we could all share stories of all the prophets and companions of our Prophet Muhammad SAW.
    So I am about to say a story about Isa AS (Jesus)

    So Maryam RA (Mary) was a kind of woman who was mostly isolated from people and stayed in her own closed place worshipping Allah SWT, reading Qur'an etc. She was a very noble woman and people in her community also knew that very well and knew her behaviour etc. Some say that she is the daughter of Imran and some say she's from the lineage of Imran. One day Angel Jibrael came down to her and Allah gave her the message that she was to conceive a child who will be a prophet one day and will live amongst the people of Israel. She knew that she couldn't conceive as she was not married and hasn't come in contact with any man before but Allah reassured her that she will conceive and she was blessed with Isa AS. She gave birth to Isa AS next to a tree of dates by the will of Allah. When she came back to her town people were shocked to see her with a newborn baby and started to accuse her of many things however she chose to ignore them because she knew that this child was a blessing from Allah SWT. Isa AS as a newborn baby spoke his first words which were "I am indeed a slave of God. He has given me the Book and made me a Prophet, and He has made me blessed wherever I may be. And He has enjoined upon me prayers, and to pay the alms, as long as I live and (He has made me) kind to my mother, and He has not made me insolent, unblessed. And may Peace be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and on the Day I shall be raised to life." (Quran 19:30-33)
    As the King heard that a newborn baby was born he had some fear in his heart that one day this newborn baby will be preferred by the people and he will no longer be of preference to his people. As Isa AS became older he had realised the things that he had been blessed with by Allah SWT, he use to be able to create a bird out of clay and make it come alive and fly away by the will of Allah SWT. He use to be able to restore people's sights and cure people and bring them back to life. He soon started to spread the message of Islam to the people and the 12 people that accepted Islam were his companions or as the Christians say his disciples. All of the companions always contributed to Islam and did everything Isa AS wanted them to do. Back then Isa AS had been give the Bible. They kept fast in the month of Ramadan and when it came to eid day they asked Isa AS for a golden red cloth from heaven with every food available and by the will of Allah that cloth with food was sent down. However, most of the companions didn't have a strong iman (faith) which made them doubt prophet Isa AS. A companion named Judas had decided once and for all to actually betray Isa AS. He went to the King with the children of Israel (Yaqqub AS) and told him about Isa AS trying to take over and soon the King had been completely against Isa AS and decided to send an army out to kill Isa AS. Judas had lead them to where Isa AS exactly was. Isa AS had been sitting in a room with a window and by the time Judas came with the army Allah SWT had already taken Isa through the window all the way to heaven. Judas couldn't find Isa AS and since Judas had betrayed Isa AS he had also been punished by Allah. Allah made Judas' face resemble to Isa AS's face so when he stepped out of the room everyone had assumed he was Isa AS and they had crucified him on the cross. Till this day Isa AS is with Allah SWT in heaven and he will once again come down in a part of Syria in order to kill the Anti-Christ Dajjal. That is all another story as to how he will fight Dajjal and will live on earth for a period of time etc. I hope you all found this useful and beneficial in some way, if I have made any mistakes then it's from me and no one else and everything beneficial I have said has come from Allah SWT. Do share stories too. Thank You.

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