Charity, is it the solution poverty?

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I believe, in some cases it's futile. it targets the visible effects of poverty rather than the root of the problem, only ever providing temporary relief and doesn't offer a more permanent solution. What do you think?
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I think that you have made a massively general statement.

I agree with you to an extent; there have definitely been times when aid has been less effective or temporary and has failed to deal with the problem. For example, donor fatigue after natural disasters nearly always means that poorer countries only receive temporary support and therefore fail to resolve issues in the long-term. Similarly, in cases of drought, whilst handing out food and water is certainly useful in the short-term, it might help more if there was investment to prevent the human causes of drought, like overcultivation and land degradation.

HOWEVER, I think that some types of aid are truly useful. Bottom-up aid projects that teach local people new skills, and solve problems on a local level are often very sustainable as people can carry on using the supplies/techniques/practises long after the initial injection of aid has occured. If you're interested, look up schemes such as the 'Magic Roundabout Water Supply Scheme' or the PATH maternity kits. In these cases both the visible issues and the root causes of poverty are resolved on a local level.

In response to your overall question, I'm not sure if aid/charity is the solution to poverty, but I think it will play a part. There are so many different solutions to poverty, and so many different types of poverty to combat in such a range of locations that it's almost impossible to come up with a definitive solution to solve the problem. What solves regional poverty in the UK won't work for the 1 billion people around the world that live in extreme poverty on less than $1.45 a day. Aid and trade and better laws and many other things will all play a part in solving the issue of poverty, in my humble view

Sorry-I learnt lots on this stuff for my Geography A2, so I splurged a little

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