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    Hey guys,
    So i read a number of unofficial mark scheme and decided to do my own question paper. I remember quite a bit but i must credit the other guys who's helped out by creating the mark schemes.Feel free to debate the answers

    i) what is anaerobic respiration
    ii) How long did the athlete run
    iii) How do you anaerobic respiration occurred
    iv) How does the increase in blood flow help the athletes muscles

    2) How would you test the affect of light intensity. Below are examples of the equipment used : Pond weed, Ruler, Beaker

    i) What is an enzyme?
    ii) Circle were the are mostly found in a cell ( Mitochondria, cytoplasm or nucleus)
    b) The stomach is an organ belonging to what organ system?
    i) What are the uses of the following tissue in the stomach
    Muscle tissue
    Epithelial Tissue
    Glandular Tissue

    4) Students experiment to see how many planations are on the school field of 5000 or 50000 meters squared
    * They use 25cm X 25 cm quadrats
    * Place them were the plantations are

    i) What is the total number of plantains
    ii) What is the area of a quadrat in meters squared
    iii) What is the average number of plantations in every meter squared
    iv) What is the number of plantations across the field

    b) How would you improve the investigation

    Improvement 1......
    Improvement 2......
    Improvement 3.........

    5) Poly-dactyl is a dominant allele that cause a person to have extra fingers or toes. Person 1 mother has the disorder but the father does not

    i) Explain how person 1 is heterozygous
    ii) What is the chance of persons 1 child from having the disorder

    b) A child has red hair. Both his parents have brown hair,his sister also has brown hair
    i) Complete the genetic diagram
    Mother Father
    Parent genotype
    Parent phenotype
    Parent gamete

    Offspring genotypes
    Offspring phenotypes

    6) Help me out on this question in the comments.

    Hydrogen peroxide and a catalyses is used in milk to prevent decay by killing bacteria but Not all the bacteria is killed. The enzyme can be broken down by water and oxygen in produced.

    Bacteria can be killed at 108 degrees celcius to prevent decay

    i) Give one advantage of hydrogen peroxide

    ii) Give on disadvantage of hydorgen peroxide

    All i remember about the question

    7) The diagram shows cells (unfortunately cant show diagram)

    i) where is cell e made
    ii) Cell A is 13.3 picograms
    How many pitograms is cell: B,C,D,E

    C) An embryo splits several times.
    i) What is the name of this process

    8) Foxes live in the above 6 islands. The foxes in the north islands are similar to the (forgot name) fox. The foxes from California are believed to be a relative of the grey fox.

    i) pretty sure that there is a question here
    ii)How can scientists prove the foxes originated from the same species?
    iii)How can scientists prove the foxes originated from the same species?
    iv)Why were the foxes on the 3 islands varied but still the same species?

    That all the questions, feel free to contribute and discuss the marks.

    What did you guys get for all of question 4,5,7,8,5,2 and 3. Basically all lol

    hey! i think for the first question there was like a describe changes in blood flow or something?? it was a 2 mark and i remember mentioning 18 dm3 and some other stuff as u had to use figures from the graph
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    I presume the question where you stated 18 dm3 was the question where they asked 'how do you know lactic acid was produced'. They gave two bar graphs, one showing glucose concentration one showing lactic acid concentration, if that question was 2 marks then yes you should use figures- I'm not sure i did though , i just stated that lactic acid was produced/ had increased at the end of the run.
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    (Original post by afghan-superman)
    What did you guys get for all of question 4,5,7,8,5,2 and 3. Basically all lol
    Im sure that there is an unofficial mark scheme where you can check it out, i just made this so people can remember what they wrote down
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