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    I'm in year 11 currently and my mental health is down the drain. I've attempted in the past and I feel as if I'm likely to try again sometime soon. I also self-harm and have done since I was 12, and I have severe anxiety and frequent panic attacks.
    I have 6 exams left and I feel no better despite knowing I'm leaving school on Friday.
    I have a teacher who I speak to when I'm upset - she's not qualified or anything but I just rant and cry on her often, so she'd be who I'd tell. I know she'd have to tell somebody who has a place in safeguarding but I wouldn't be able to tell them myself so I'd rather her do it for me?
    Is there any point in telling her that I feel like I'm a danger to myself so close to leaving, or should I deal with it and wait until Friday? (I still have to go in on Tuesday and Thursday the week after... One day is an exam and the other day is our leavers day). If I did tell them, what would they do? Would I still be allowed to go to prom? Would I be allowed to play in our school's concert still?

    I know it's a horrible topic but I just really need help.

    Sorry that you feel that way. Yes, she will have to report you but it's good that you are reaching out for help. You'd still be allowed to prom and all that though, they can't stop you from doing that.
    It's really great that you have someone that you're so close to but I'd go straight to a doctor instead, especially if you're not keeping in touch with her.
    You can always message me if you need someone to talk to

    You should tell her and trust she will inform people who can help.

    Incidentally, you sound like you're expecting to be punished (banned from prom, banned from concert) for seeking help. This is not the case at all and the teacher should only have your best interests at heart.

    Hey, I have been in your exact situation almost exactly one year ago, I am now in year twelve and though i am not completely over the whole situation, I would recommend telling a teacher 100% I had one amazing physics teacher who i had told about all of my problems and they noticed the cuts on my arms, and finally asked me about it near the end of my GCSEs. I honestly burst into tears and spilled everything. She then gave me a week to settle and arranged to meet with me to decide how I want to go about the next steps, and it was managed to be limited to only three people knowing- the school nurse, the physics teacher and the head of the safeguarding team, who I found out to be a lot nicer than I thought.

    I would strongly recommend this website- kooth.com - on this website you can anonymously talk to trained counsellors, and they can help you to talk to your teacher or your doctor or anything else for that matter

    Now, go and enjoy your concert and your prom, they would never stop you from going,just because your mental health may not be all there at the moment, does nor mean you should miss out on these awesome events. You have to remember, that they most likely have dealt with this situation before, though I do not know if your teacher has, I can tell you with certainty that the safeguarding team has, after all that is job.

    From one slightly mentally unstable person to another, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, god that is so cliche, but even if the instant reaction makes you feel awful and literally cry for almost a full days- yes no shame I admit it, when you look back at this moment in a years tie you will know that telling someone was the right decision, even coming on here, you were braver than I ever was!

    If you have any questions at all about what I have said please feel free to contact me and let me know if i can be of anymore help (go on that website you will not regret it)

    Oh and i am sorry that this was so weird and slightly cliche-y but don't judge, I am just very passionate
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