Brexit will spell END of EU and bring ‘DESTRUCTION of Western civilisation’, says eur Watch

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European Council president Donald Tusk made the astonishing claim while also telling Britons he can not guarantee a positive relationship between Brussels and the UK following a Leave result on June 23.

With just ten days to go until Britain’s historic in/out referendum on EU membership, the former Polish prime minister delivered yet another doom-laden prediction if the UK were to cut ties with the 28-country bloc.

David Cameron has already warned of economic catastrophe and the threat of World War Three breaking out in Europe, amid Downing Street’s scaremongering over the prospect of a Brexit vote.

But, in an interview with German newspaper Bild, Mr Tusk - who plotted with the Prime Minister on his EU renegotiation deal - appeared to go one step further.

Asked about the possible impact of Britain quitting the EU, he said: “Not only economic implications will be negative for the UK, but first and foremost geopolitical.

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