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Sort of dating someone I don't like help, was looking for a job but now...... Watch

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    So i met someone that owns a company and i messaged him asking if i could have a job
    He said theres a party come along
    So i went thinking. I could talk to him about a job cos when we initialy met he said mabey he would give me one which is why i messaged him),guess he took it as a date and then kissed me at the end i was really drunk and i felt too rude to pull away
    Anyway i thougt that was that i wouldnt see him again, he said lets go out for drink , i went thinking i could talk to him about the job and how i feel.
    We did talked about a job said he could refer me with his connections but he took if for a date again
    Anyway i agreed to meet him again as he invited me to another party and his time i thought i could tell him about how i feel about it all ,but there were other people there and it only lasted like an hour so i diddnt really get the chance to talk to him As i was sat there i thought to myself what would i even say?
    I dont actually know , i dont think i can tell him i had no interest in dating him, il just have to say i dont think its working out for whatever reason but do i say im seeing someone else? or i just dont like him or what hahah
    Iv never dumoed anyone before iv never even dated anyone before ,do i send a text on the phone? Or go to this fourth date and tell him in person? What do i say i have no idea lol!
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    Very Important Poster
    You are in danger of getting yourself into a lot of trouble in future encounters, unless your intention is to sleep your way into employment.
    How badly do you want the job? You are being naive about what's gone on.

    How you do it is up to you. Phone would be ok or even by social media if need be. You havent slept together. just tell him youve had second thoughts and that youve decided you dont wnat a relationship. You can use exams, breakup and may oother reasons as an excuse. Look elsewhere then. You were really giving mixed messages by continuing this with him. he ofc would always use the job as a carrot and when he didnt get what he wanted he would alwyas be able to take your job away. Its a bad deal unless you like being manipulated.

    If you tell him you only met him and kissed him becayse of what you thought he could give you, then you might want to clarify that line of approach in your own head.

    I would say dont go on the date as you seem unable to say no.
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Updated: June 13, 2016
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