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I am a UK student with an Irish (Republic of Ireland)father and an English mother.I was born in England and have lived here all my life.
I don't have a British passport but I do have an Irish one because of my Dad.
I applied to Student Finance online.Just before I posted off some forms and the statement I phoned Student Finance and asked if my Irish passport could be used as evidence of my identity instead of a birth certificate plus the identity form.The adviser checked and told me this was acceptable.
I didn't know that by doing that, Student finance now class me as an EU National born in the UK.
Whilst EU Students only have to provide evidence that they have lived in the UK for the previous three years, I've been told now that I have to provide evidence that I have in the UK my whole life - month by month year by year.
Student Finance have told me a birth certificate is not acceptable evidence,a driving licence is not evidence. if I submit bank statements I would have to submit a statement for every month of every year (some 40 bank statements in total) I have no idea how to go about proving I lived in my parents house for the first four years of my life since a birth certificate isn't classed as evidence of residency and my parents weren't claiming child tax credits.
I have to show I attended a school in the UK for every year since I was five as well by providing a signed letter from the various schools on headed notepaper signed by the Heads.It's proving to be a Nightmare.By the time I've gone around gathering enough evidence my University course will be over.
I'm panicking slightly now and just want to go back and edit my application.
I want to go back and for evidence of my identity just submit my birth certificate together with a signed evidence of identity form signed by someone who has known me for the last two years.Can anyone tell me how I can I do this?I've looked online and it's not clear.
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Phone up student finance. Ask if it's possible to edit your application, to send your birth certificate instead.

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