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One of the greatest lion tamers of all time: Clyde beatty Watch

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    Clyde beatty:

    page 8

    The 1st tiger:

    Already Caesar's jaws had crunched Bobby's neck and when I got there Caesar was shaking Bobby's limp, bloody head and throat from side to side. Bobby's eyes were turning starey. He was dead — and it was only two minutes since I had


    The 2nd tiger:

    Lion Sultan killed Tommy the wild bred tiger:

    The 3rd tiger:

    The 3rd fight shown on screen:

    This tigress nelly was killed in a free for all gang fight:

    BEATTY does not know that lions and tigers hate each other. "I have had many lion-tiger battles in my arena, but they have always been gang fights. Nellie, one of the fiercest tigers I ever worked with, was killed a few years ago in a fight in which eight lions faced two tigers. On another occasion there was a pitched battle between seventeen lions and twelve tigers. Three tigers were killed in this fight and some of the lions badly mauled."



    Memphis kills Sehka:

    The perils of circus life proved too much today for Sehka, a three year old Bengal tigress in Clyde Beatty’s act with Cole Brothers, She died of wounds suffered when she was attacked by Memphis, a lion in the act. during a performance Wednesday night.


    Caesar the II Beatty's lion kills tiger

    "Clyde Beatty, World-Renowned Wild Animal Trainer, Has Trouble With Tiger-Killing Lion "Caesar", One Of Wild Animals in Featured Act With Circus Here Friday."


    two lions kill tiger named poona:
    https://books.google.com/books?id=fiAEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA54&dq =two+lions+kill+tiger++clyde+bea tty&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi5gIDH i5fLAhVN-GMKHRgKAYwQ6AEIHTAA#v=onepage&q= two%20lions%20kill%20tiger%20%

    Clyde Beatty's killer lion named France has killed two tigers and fought
    with many other cats.


    Detroit vs Empress


    Detroit vs Sleika



    Nero the lion had killed the feline tiger Pasha, in saving Beatty's life. The fight lasted twenty-five ...

    A lion would beat a tiger 9 times out of ten:

    Tiger is killed as Beatty is trying to separate two ferocious lion and tigers.

    June 16, 1954Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 4"It was in one of these that Beatty got his worst mauling. He was trying to separate two ferocious fellows, and they resented the interference. Beatty barely escaped with his life. He was in a hospital bed several weeks as a result. One tiger was killed in that melee."


    Tigers are afraid of the lions, want no part of them:

    Clyde beattys performance:

    During their first performance this spring and during the act two lions attacked and killed a tiger Mr. Beatty stayed in the cage during the entire fight to keep the other animals from getting into it - - - Mr. Beatty says no matter how well you think you know a tiger or lion, you still cannot trust'them The quiet ones are often the most dangerous


    Caesar the lion kills two tigers in one act.

    He tells of one huge lion, named Caesar, who, from his position at the top of a pyramid formed in the act by the caged cats, twice sprang upon tigers, killing each one almost instantly. The audience loved it, but tigers are expensive so Caesar had to be taken out of the show."



    Duke whips all of clydes tigers:

    A few years ago when Clyde was breaking in a new group of lions, and was hard at work on a barrel rolling lion, one of the tigers leaped from his high pedestal onto Beatty's back. The trainer was knocked across the arena, and, as he fell, the tiger shifted his attack, sinking his teeth into Beatty's arm. Then it was that Louie went into action.' He leaped from his pedestal onto the attacking beast.

    ~Santa Cruz Sentinel 19 May 1946 › Page 2

    Detroit kills alice siberian tigress:

    (1 9 3 5)
    Seven 1 CLYDE BEATTY AND HIS ANIMALS HERE THURSDAY Clyde Beatty and his lions and tigers. Beatty Is the most talked of animal trainer In the world and presents with his own circus one of the greatest collections of wild beasts ever assembled. Few who see wild animals In cages realize the vast amount of , danger and expense neces- to get them there. The greatest danger lies In capturing the wild animals in their native country. With Cole Brothers-Clyde Beatty circus, which will give two performances in Emporia Thursday on the Katy grounds, there are several hundred wild animals, most of which were captured in the forests and jungles of their native country."There is no more ticklish or dangerous task than tracking lions in she vast Nubian deserts," said Beatty. "The scorching sun pours down with such force that few men can stcnd it. The effect on the eyes is blinding. There Is little or no shade. The wariest and most careful hunter may be tracking an animal and at tha same time be tracked by the animal he is seeking. which may spring on him at any moment."For capturing full-grown lions, large traps of various forms are used. One trap Is square, one of the sides lifting upon a spring like the old-fashioned mouse trap. The trap Is baited with a piece of fresh meat and as soon as the lion has entered the trap the door shuts down and he Is a prisoner.


    Prince kills trudy


    He preferred jungle cats to those born in captivity, which he thought were spoiled, and his courageat working with them became legendary. In 1928 at Kokomo a female tiger landed on top of himonly to be killed by a lion in an ensuing 25-minute fight that saved Beatty's life. In 1932 he wasseriously wounded when mauled by one of his most powerful lions and for a time lay near death with a fever that peaked at 106 degrees. H

    (Bottom of the page)

    His harmless weapons are a kitchen chair, a whip and a revolver filled with blank cartridges. Clyde Beatty says he's tried working with tame animals born in captivity, and he prefers wild ones any time. Tame animals are just like spoiled children they've been pampered and petted until they refuse to do anything.

    THREE ARE in position and suddenly Sultan and Brutus are at it. There is snarling and growling and Beatty moves fiercely about the floor and swears a blue streak to the cage handlers .to open the. chute door so he can get the tigers out.

    ~The Corpus Christi Caller-Times 13 January 1963 › Page 16

    (1 9 4 7)

    Beatty, who became recognized as a wild animal trainer at the age of 16, prefers wild animals to those bred in captivity. Wild creatures have more fear of man, he explains, and therefore behave better than tame lions or tigers.... They will be on exhibit in the menagerie tent. Fed Horscmeat Thebig cats are fed horsemeat daily except Sundays

    ~Clippings on 22 October 1947 › Page 7


    (1 9 5 4)

    Much more important is a sixth sense-an instinct that tells you how far you can go with each cat each day." "There is no such thing as a 'tame' jungle animal," says Beatty. who has dozens of scars to prove his point. 'Once you back down and show a little fear you're licked and from then on your life isn't worth a plugged nickel." Beatty, incidentally, prefers to use only jungle-bred animals. He said: "Contrary to popular belief they are less dangerous than those born in captivity. Part of the job is to bluff the animal. It i hard to convince one raised in captivity that man is formidable. "Try to convince him and you have on your hands the equivalent of a sullen obstinate child whose parents have been to indulgent. "It's all in a lifetime,"

    “This is due not to any inability of the animals to acclimate themselves but the fact that in the fights which frequently occur between the lions and tigers the 'tigers are almost invariably'killed”


    Sultan whips all of his tigers:

    Clyde beatty 25 tigers were killed by his lions 1939, on average a 3rd of
    Beatty's tigers would be female, so aprox. 16 male tigers would of died by 1939.

    These animals as Clyde beatty stated, are wild bred and they attain all their combativeness:



    (1 9 3 5)
    The greatest danger lies In capturing the wild animals in their native country. The wariest and most careful hunter may be tracking an animal and at that same time be tracked by the animal he is seeking. which may spring on him at any moment."For capturing full-grown lions, large traps of various forms are used. One trap Is square, one of the sides lifting upon a spring like the old-fashioned mouse trap. The trap Is baited with a piece of fresh meat and as soon as the lion has entered the trap the door shuts down and he Is a prisoner.



    Into the chute ran three Bengal tigers with Boss Tweed in pursuit. "For twenty minutes they battled. Boss Tweed killed the three tigers, but himself was almost torn to ribbons. He recovered but somehow he never seemed to be the same. His spirit or his fighting nerve was gone. The other morning I opened his cage door and he was dead, for seven years I trained him, the longest of any of my cats. I was greatly attached to him



    One day I saw a lion kill a tiger in my husband's act, and I'll admit that for several days I hated to hear the overture for my act." L IONS and tigers are quite apt to stage a fight killing at any time”…

    A lion kills Puna:


    It has taken a great deal of hard work, anxiety and worry to present this finished act around the world — for Clyde Beatty is famous in the far corners of the earth — and it will take a great deal more work and worry; for the old animals will die, young cubs will have to be "brought up", trained in the ways of the big cage — young cubs who will some day become full-grown ferocious beasts, whose every instinct tells them to crave for the blood of man. Clyde Beatty is not only an entertainer, he is also a scientist, a competent zoologist, an explorer and an adventurer. Braving African, Indian and Malayan jungles; braving fever, disease and even death, the animal trainer, — along with scientist and explorers en- gaged in research, — helps to broaden science frontiers in the 'dark lands".

    Clydes introduction about lions vs tigers:

    Clyde beatty worked with 2,000 lions and tigers (that means 1,000 tigers are accounted for smaller than lions)




    50 of the tigers were killed, and he only lost 1 lion to a tiger:...


    I'd like to see a single person, a single source, a single abstract of showing more hard proof than that guys life experiences.
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    The great trainer had just coaxed his famous spinning tiger, Sleika, off her pedestal. The trick is one of the act’s most fearful features, for the tiger crouches, belly to the ground, facing Beatty, the trainer’s eyes must be strictly on her, leaving both he and animal wide open to attack by the lions. But the real balance of terror, the act’s most perilous moment, comes when the big cat spins like a puppy chasing its tail, for this movement greatly excites the lions. Sleika was just going into her wind-up crouch when the old lion-tiger jungle hatred flared. A lion sprang from his high pedestal and landed within inches of the tiger. The two locked together, kicking up shavings and mud on the slippery ground, struggling fiercely for tooth-claw advantage.

    Beatty grabbed a hickory stick that his cage boy, Junior was quick to push through the bars. Brandishing it, he rushed the flailing gladiators, blanking them (firing his gun) square in their snarling faces. Declaring the act official over, Beatty yelled to Junior to rattle the exit chute’s iron bars, standard cue for the animals to leave an arena. As the cats skedaddled out, helped along by prods from Junior, Beatty gave his troublemaker a whale of a clout on top of his murderous head, which made the lion let go the tiger’s neck long enough for the trainer to thrust his trusty chair between the two writhing beasts. The lion turned on him, which was exactly what he expected it to do, and the tiger bleeding slightly from the shoulder, scampered to the chute. Leo, plenty mad, clawed and bit the chair away from...
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    Its even more confirmed, the three tigers in the film the big cage were all killed by the lions:

    Quite interesting because the big cage was in 1933, this article is 1935, so that means the other three tigers killed by lions he mentioned is in 1934 hagenbeck.

    Wow. I'll stick to lion taming in fiction. I hate the idea of real animals being caged up with natural enemies and forced to perform.
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