can you resit A levels at university?

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(Original post by ickle_katy)
but she wants to be a which case all she has to do is a PGCE after her degree...and whoosh shes a teacher. no extra resits needed.

love Katy ***
But she probably wouldn't get onto the Fast Track scheme... I guess hence you saying she would do the PCGE...
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(Original post by Airport Fairy)
4) Teachers are highly sought-after. I don't think many teachers really have a lot of difficulty getting jobs, and it's not hard to get onto a PGCE course as long as you have a degree in education or in an academic subject (i.e., one that is taught as a proper subject in schools, which would make sport an academic subject.)
i know a lot of people who've had trouble getting onto pgce schemes, moreover there are teaching jobs but these are either a) in remote places where people arent willing to work or b) only in specific ares such as maths or IT. most schools simply cannot afford to take on more teachers where they need them due to budget limitations.

with the glut of people coming through with sport science degrees there really isnt going to be a high demand for teachers with DDE at a-level or whatever, regardless of degree class.

i would see about re-sitting if it was possible.
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