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    Not sure if this is the right place but here's my problem.

    I applied for a job as a home care worker, I've never done anything like this before besides a bit of child minding. I went to the interview which was held by a trainee and was asked if I will be able to get a previous employment reference to which I said unlikely because I was out of work for some time due to health reasons so I gave a friend and my job advisor and was told straight away that this was ok. I got offered the job and was told I had to pay £50 on a dbs check, do 16 hours online training, 3 days of shadowing (which I was told I would be paid for), signed a job offer letter and even signed off ESA. It was also during one of this online training session that I got told by the trainee I need another reference, I said I couldn't get a previous employer one so she said could I get one from someone high up in their career like a dentist or doctor, I said no because I haven't been to either for some time but I could get my uncle who's a manger of a care home and again was told straight away from this trainee that this would be ok so carried on with the day of shadowing.

    Then I get a phone call from her (the day after I sign off ESA and done the first day of shadowing) saying she's had a word with her team and it's in their policy that every new member has to have an employment reference so they'll have to put my application on hold untill she has a word with someone who will make a decision about if I can carry on or not and then she'll get back to me straight away. One week later I still hadn't heard anything so I gave them a ring earlier and was told this trainee has left so I tried to explain the situation to this other woman but basically got spoken to like a piece of **** and said she finds it 'hard to believe' that I was never asked for a proper reference clearly sticking up for this trainee and said they won't be able to reimburse me the £50 for the dbs check either because I haven't been working with them for 3 months and it was my choice to pay for it (I was told I couldn't get the job unless I did). She even said that me being out of work due to health reasons was a concern to them even though I circled ' previous mental health problems' on the health care form during the interview which obviously this trainee should have asked me about but it never came up. She also said that the reference from my uncle wasn't "sufficient enough". I got so upset during this call to the other woman that I started crying after.

    Obviously this trainee has messed me up and made me look like a liar trying to cover herself. She didn't even pass the situation on to someone else when she left because this woman on the phone didn't know what the whole story was, just that's I've been put on hold.

    Do You think I have rights in getting this £50 back from the dbs check which I was told I had to pay for to get the job and also the money for the paid work which amounts to about £50? I still have the email saying the shadowing is paid work.

    The only reason I'm not working with them to get the dbs check and shadowing money back is because of this trainee and her stupid mistake of not understanding the policy.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    You must be paid for training/shadowing. If they refuse to pay you for that then contact the appropriate organisations for support, you will usually find that as soon as you make it clear you know your rights you will be paid.

    You're going to struggle to get the DBS money back but it might help you get another job to have a current DBS check.

    It is very normal to expect a proper reference (and have an employer be worried about long periods of time off work) and you should consider doing some voluntary work or something so you have one one (and prove you can work well). I'm not saying what the company did was okay because it really wasn't but tbh I worked in care for a while and that sort of stuff happened and people are treated like dirt because it's just that sort of environment... try and move on and don't take it to heart.
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