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    I have done MSc in E-Business at Oxford Brookes University

    I'm interested in challenging uni for unfair marking of my thesis and eventually OIAHE for improper judgement of my complaint.

    Some more detail.
    Thesis was preceded by a year research which was assessed at Distinction level(above 70 % mark).
    Then proposal and interim report were marked above 80%.
    After presentation my Supervisor which was one of the two assessors said you have done great.
    After all of these I was very happy. I thought my final grade will be distinction.
    Surprisingly my final mark was 58%.
    they assessed my final report and presentation slightly above 50%.
    I got shocked from this. Not because I dreamed off distinction mark and it should have been distinction , but every previous indication was in this direction.
    One can say well you have done very well previously, but you did not do enough well at the latest stage.
    First off the supervisor said after presentation you did a great project and after that gave almost half of the points for the presentation.
    That aroused my first doubt. Obviously, verbal statement cannot be a prove.
    Anyway this my first doubt made me ask them for clarification.I asked for break down of marks from both assessors.
    There was not a short delay before they gave me something.
    They provided me just a paper with their common comments.
    My gut feeling was that they did not have at all marking tables and prepared quickly something just to say we have marked.

    Even on this first document I found a lot of conflicts in their comments.
    One of the most flagrant for me was the fact that Literature Review(Research) that was previously(in interim report) marked as Excellent was now marked as poor.
    By regulation of University ,the Literature Review must be presented the same in Interim Report as in Final Report. And it was like this.
    That means that is impossible to be remarked differently in the Final report.To state here the project was from Software Development.The research quality was not dependent on implementation.
    As the aim of research was to set objectives which they confirmed with the best words and marks in interim report.

    In order to understand more why they drastically decreased my mark I asked for all mark tables for each of assessors.
    They did not give me anything until few days before I got the final respond from complaint and appeal procedures I pursued within the university.
    To be more clear there were two types of complaint :Complaint procedure and appeal.Each of them had three levels.I followed all of them.

    What strengthened my doubts more were some changes they did on documentations.

    For instance comparing to the assessment tables supervisor gave me when assessed proposal and interim report.
    They replaced the comment 'Overall well done' with 'Overall satisfactory'
    Other:They removed the comment 'Excellent' from assessment table of interim report for the 'Literature Review' criteria etc..

    In my view these modification which for me are frauds were done in purpose to prevent officers who dealt with the complaint/appeal procedures within Uni from spotting the different marking of the same bit(Literature Review).

    Another suspicious thing I spotted in those latest tables they emailed me was a date near to the date which was the day of assessment.
    The date added(most likely by accident when they modified the documents) was of a day six months after final marking was done and few days before the university issued the final response to my all complaints and appeals.BTW. the response was that they do not see any breach in regulations for assessment procedure.

    Then I sent the issue to OIAHE.
    Their final response after one year from the sending was similar to uni response.

    For few months I lost every hope. I thought thing works the same everywhere.

    But then looking in internet complaints of many people I got encouraged
    again and then I asked for legal advice a solicitor .
    At a point he sent a good letter to uni asking for correction of grade and a reward equal to the cost of studies in order to avoid court.
    They did not responded.

    Now he advised me to get a barrister.
    Just for consulting the barrister is asking 1500£.
    Does it seem reasonable in your view?
    What is your opinion on my issue?
    Am I right in my claims?Will I have chances in the court for mark upgrade?
    Please share your views.I will highly appreciate them.

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