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Due to a recent 'university fair', I have discovered Goldsmiths. I've always enjoyed computer science, after taking it at both GCSE and A level, but the theory side of it has always bored me intensely. I just love the programming. Also, while I love programming, I really want to do something creative- I feel like I have a split personality in that way. Goldsmiths has a computer science course, but also courses like 'Creative Computing' and 'Computing with Music' (music being a passion of mine- maybe my only passion, but incredibly unrealistic career-wise). Does anyone have any information / experience as to what these courses entail? Thank you!!!!!
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Hi I'm a student at Goldsmiths and just finished my first year. Computer Science, Gaming, Creative Programming, Music Computing and Business Computing do involve very similar modules for first year and they include Maths, Java Programming and Web Programming (make a website in the end).

The other 2 modules I do that the other courses do not do is Problem Solving (in Python) and Fundamentals Of Cs (essentially the theory of computation). If you really hate the theory side then I suggest not to do Computing then and perhaps the other courses.

If Music is your passion I do recommend doing it as most people will succeed in Uni doing a course that you're GENUINELY passionate about not because of the money or you think its "interesting". You will have much fun creating programs involving music e.g. a beat detector or music editing program. I don't know what the difference between Creative and Gaming computing is to be honest but i'd imagine they're quite similar. You can ask the teachers there for more details when you visit.

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