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Can someone help me or send me the coding for task 2 and the design part would mean a lot if someone could help me I'm really stuck.

Some automated troubleshooting programs identify certain keywords in the customer’s query to provide potential solutions to the query.

For example, ‘There is no display on my mobile phone screen.’

The keywords ‘display’ and ‘phone’ would link to common problems with a phone display.

Analyse the requirements for this system and design, develop, test and evaluate a program to identify keywords in a query typed in by the user and provide a linked solution to common problems related to a mobile device from a selection stored in a text file or database. You will need to identify appropriate keywords that can be linked to general advice related problems. You need to account for variations in the form of the user input e.g. one user may query ‘There is no display on my mobile phone’, another user may query ‘My phone screen is blank.’

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