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    Hiya Guys, How are you all? I am really interested in the role of head girl so I signed up. We have to give a letter of application which i have below. Please help me out, my grammar and sentence structure can go abit AWOL because of my dyslexia and a don't have anyone to help me read and edit it so please anyone, i will be extremely grateful.


    Dear Ma/Sir,

    I am writing this letter to show my interest in the post as head girl.

    Listen, support and provide equality to every student no matter their year or condition, guiding them to become the best version of themselves. Being head girl is not a person of greater importance than others rather someone who can work effectively within a team but show leadership traits. With a stressful year ahead, there is a to need provide a comfortable, enjoyable, calm and relaxing environment, which being head of the youth choir at CCFC I have learned to do just that. I believe has these settings in school will results in a greater achievement, as you naturally work harder, you’re more willing to learn and give a greater effort towards school work and extra-curriculum. Thus resulting in an all rounded successful student receiving better grades and shaped for the future. ” preparing them to take their place within adult life as well-rounded, responsible and caring people.” We need that person who is going to encourages and inspire students, which I believe I am the candidate for such.

    The head girl must understand that her responsibilities spreads to the rest of the entire school and inspire and influence also the younger years, becoming an approachable figure to them. I have already started that connection with younger years as a being science prefect. I have always been very polite, respectful to other and helpful to others which I learnt through never heistanting to help out at event such as open evening. Within greater responsibilities lies greater challenges which I have built the qualities for, I am not someone who cowers when presented with a challenge for example taking an arty subject such as textiles at GCSE was not really my zone but I pushed through achieving an A*. My hard working ethic has enable me to tackle/complete challenging task at hand, my secrete when faced with a challenge is to tell myself “Success comes in cans, not cant's” Being head girl is not about the position as someone may conclude rather is having genuine care for this sixth form.

    I learnt to show compassion, and from the best last week, at Great Ormond street hospital watching children go under the knife as their parents kiss them not knowing if they will see them alive ever again, a real compassion and empathy descended upon me which I will demonstrate regard head girl or not. Completing Dofe helped build my team working and problem solving skill and led to become a cadet for St john ambulance there I have gain leadership and the ability to work under pressure, as a cadet you must know how to save a live while under various types of pressures and also It has taught me that a leader is not the louder one or the most popular one rather the one who has self-awareness.

    Over the five years I have spent at _______ I was learnt to understand various qualities such as hard working, strong academic nature and sheer commitment. “Glory God through outstanding education” is a motto I want to help promote at ____ . A little while back a potential parent of year 7 asked me “in what way does Christianity affects pupils here?” I reply with “We respect and love each other which is mainly taught through the teachings of Jesus Christ which also help in the decisions making, the attitudes we adopt and in the relationships”. As a strong Christian I feel I am the best to promote such, why? I offer free tutoring to children at CCFC Christian centre, also being a preacher and a mentor, it has helped me manage large groups of people whilst showing people fairness, love and sympathy just as Jesus did. What can I do for this sixth form? My passion lays in helping others in any way possible to the best of my ability, I currently volunteer in various places such as the Royal hospital of neuro-disability, were I help people in games such as bowing which brings me joy in encourage and assist residents to take part. I want to set up a scheme for sixth formers to Volunteer in their interests helping people classified as vulnerable by the government, for example if ones interest is tennis, i want to help them volunteer at Battersea sport- centre becoming a coach to disable children. I want to set up new clubs such as debating and constent for art & photography, I want to make sure that everyone in the sixth form has an emergency and accident health certificate just like me, helping preparing us to become better people, promoting that sense of grasping every opportunity, as I myself am opportunist.

    As a senior officer of the United States Army, George S. Patton once said, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” I would like this role to be able to show off my euthanasia and sheer determination when representing the school internally and externally, and return trust and power back to the people, back to our students. I believe that I have always set the example of being passionate, approachable, determined, motivated and above all, genuine. And to always SMILE.
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