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    Basically I want a full health check up but everywhere I go they are charging over a 1000 pound. This offer seems too good.

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    (Original post by richard10012)
    It looks as though it has good reviews on there, and groupon is quite a well known reputable deal site, so from looking at it, seems like it could be a good deal if that's the kinda thing that you're looking for to be honest!
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    (Original post by richard10012)
    It might be possible for you to get one on NHS:
    "What if I’m not old enough for an NHS Health Check?
    The NHS Health Check programme is aimed at people aged 40 to 74. If you are not old enough for an NHS Health Check, you will soon be able to do a free pre-check online (currently in development). If you are especially worried about your health, you can always book an appointment with your GP and they may give you an early NHS Health Check if they think it is necessary."

    Best way to know how trustable the offer is is to look at reviews and look into the provider.

    To be honest though a full check isn't really necessary if you have no concerns which is why NHS doesn't usually do them before 40 when you start being more at risk of various things. If you are concerned about anything it would be better to talk to your doctor first and see what they will do and if you are not happy after that look into private checks.
    I have had one as part of a treatment plan for something else and it really didn't achieve much. They just gave me a booklet with info i could find online or by stepping on the scales at home. You could probably get something just as good by asking your local doc surgery (or looking at nhs online) for resources on self checking. If you have any reason for concern at all (like even just feeling a tiny bit faint now and then) they will just do blood preassure and even a prick test in a normal appointment. You can even get it done at the walk-in.

    To me health checks just seem like a money grab. If you have any reason to think you are unwell they will just check you for free anyway.

    I believe some pharmacies may also offer simmilar MOTs for a lowere price but probably without the prick test.

    Edit: If you are looking at getting a health check anyway here are a coupple of providers who seem to be doing it for a good (compared to what you have found) price.
    Nuffield Health
    http://www.nuffieldhealth.com/health...alth-Screening[B]&utm_term=+health+screening&gcli d=CM7wk-Lht80CFRG3GwodbrUOWQ&gclsrc=aw.d s
    I have been treated at nuffield for something else and was very happy with their general service and was certinally not unimpressed medically (though I don't really know what would be good or bad in this respect)

    Life scan
    Seem to offer a wide range of checks the more basic of which seem a fair price. I wouldn't think you need to look at full on stuff they are offering since if a simple test shows anything odd you can show it and get free checks on NHS

    UK Health Checks
    The provider for your offer. It's usual prices aren't too high so he offer wouldn't seem to be a scam

    Seems like they may do a more in debth check for not much more than you are looking at

    I suggest you look around for advice on health checks (NHS seems to have resources on it) to decide if you do want one and then look at what places have good reviews and compare the checks they do. For the record an "extensive booklet" can just be mostly full page graphs for filler. Reviews are your friend! If you do want to get a check it may be worth paying a little more for something more extensive or generally better.
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