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    So I started a new job a few months ago, and I've worked in an office before but only a year out of University, I'm still learning.

    Another graduate of the same year at my office seems to like to make you feel bad for not jumping on the politics band wagon, how do I confront these?

    First of all, I like to go out for my lunch. I like to walk, I like to smoke, I like to go to the shop. I like to eat. The other graduate told me they would feel guilty if they went out for lunch like I did because others work through it. But where did this culture of having a break but deciding not to take it become the norm? Is it even the norm? Do we really have to not take our contractual work break because others tell us it is wrong??!

    Secondly, the office is closed later this month. Some people owe days and are contracted to come in. My days owed are booked up for later this year. I don't owe any days. However the same graduate said again, I should come in, because even though I don't have to work I should help out - because its part the job!


    Somebody please tell me I'm not losing my mind here.

    From an apparentley 'bad employee' x
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    First of all, is that other employee a senior?
    Are their seniors to him/her?

    If there are seniors to him please, go and meet them.
    Explain your situation that you find it difficult to handle this employee and feel really annoyed.
    Remember it is your life and free style wherever you go. Do not listen to any employee who talks anything out of office work.
    You can smoke if there is a smoking room or you can do it outside at your ease when no one else is there so it won't affect others.
    I say confronting won't work and other colleagues will begin to dislike you. The best alternative from my work experience is that to pour all your feelings to a reliable senior of this "bad" employee who can control them.

    For goodness sake, if you are hungry you have to go and grab food. That's totally your liberty. Without eating where on the earth will you get the energy to work? Do not listen to such indecent employees. Instead try to speak to your manager or a senior regarding asking for an appointment. Please make sure you tell the management that you were not able to confront the colleague because you did not want yourself to get into trouble and you want to maintain healthy relationships at the office. Say smoking and eating are your own habits that cannot be changed.

    I advice you to go to a very good, reliable, trustworthy or maybe a good close friendly type of manager who will understand your feelings and keep the talk one to one with you. So, that he/she can talk to the employee and say that they have no rights to interfere with another person's habits. You already know the good and bad of smoking and eating. We are adults. So, next time the employee speaks do not utter a word. Get up and go speak to the manager. Why I say this is because if you tell the colleague, "I will complain to the management." they will think you do not have the guts and discourage or even blackmail you. So, just get up once the bad employee begins his politics and go straight to the management without looking into this disgusting employee's face. If possible, record this person when he is talking politics without his knowledge as an evidence.
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