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My name is Tamanna and I am going to do an Access Course in Computing/ ICT

I am 20 years old and this September I am going to start an Access Course in Computing from Hull College. I have been out of education for 4 years ( since finishing my GCSE's) and I am very nervous regarding my access course to say the least.

I just wanted to ask a couple of questions please regarding your course.
1. How tough is the course? Do you get piles of work which need to be handed in at the same time?
2. Once you complete one assignment and you just get a Pass will your tutor allow you to redo the work so that you can try and get a higher grade?
3. Is it all assignments and coursework or you have to sit exams in January or July.
4. What sort of things did you do in your course for computing? Was it a lot of paper based assignments or do coding and java on computers.

But I will be very grateful if you could give me some information regarding this course.

Thank you once again.
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I am 20 and have been studying on a 1st year computing course through a college this year (FdSc - similar to an access to HE)
I was out of education for a year (as I took a gap year) and was really worried about getting back into the swing of things.
As you are doing an access course I imagine the subject will be taught from a basic level to make sure everyone is on the same page.
I can't speak for access courses although that is essentially what I am doing with my first year - using it to transfer onto another degree. The work load is quite high but if you stay on track and do the work as its set it is manageable around working/socialising. I would recommend doing a little bit of reading around programming - maybe look into the basic terminology like 'strings' and 'functions' etc... I have a book called learn python the hard way which I found was a pretty good place to start with programming .
I dont know about your course but on mine re doing work was not really an option - If you missed a deadline or you didn't achieve 40% (a pass) then your work was then capped at 40% for the resubmission. I dont know if this will be the same on your course though as mine seems to be a bit unique with its marking some places will let you resubmit.
In terms of the exams I believe on the access programs the dates for exams aren't fixed to a specific time - i.e June / January as the course provider - I.e hull college will be writing the exam paper you will be sitting (I presume - again I could be wrong but this was the case on my course).
I found that my course was a mixture of things - I did applied computing so it involved a bit of everything really - I had a quick look at the website and it seems you have a variety of modules.

This is what the website gives you - (I'll add comments on what this meant on my computing course)This one year course is aimed at mature learners (l9). The course is designed for those who wish to progress to HE and leads to an Access to Higher Education qualification at level 3.
A wide ranging programme consisting of a selection of practical and theoretical elements. The units studied should include
- Academic Writing (Study Skills) - This will probably be things like reports - I did a lot of them this year for example I had to write a report on website functionality.
-• Exam Techniques & Practice (Study Skills) - I had an exam for networking - practical based. In your course you might maybe get multiple choice quizzes or something similar? I also had to give presentations as part of my exam - If you write a program for example explaining its functionality to the tutor of the module.
-• Application of Systems and Communications Technology (ICT) - Not overly sure what this will cover - maybe practical uses of ICT in a business or telecommunications environment?
- Business Information Technology (ICT) - Use of ICT in a business setting - maybe your standard spreadsheets etc - honestly not too sure here.
-• Components of Computer Systems (ICT) - My best guess is that this module will be covering the more physical side of things I.E computer hardware, so what is a motherboard, ram etc... + how they work.
-• Computational Methods(ICT) - Pretty sure this will be about data analysis but honestly not too sure.
-• Database Development (ICT) - For this maybe have a look into oracle apex - I dabbled in this during the past year for my course, and maybe look at some basic SQL? -• Software Development (ICT) - Im not sure what language you will be using but in terms of higher level languages it will likely be Java or C Sharp. Probably a pretty hands on module making small programs etc....I'd also maybe expect a little HTML and CSS but this is more web dev than software.Also I'd expect you will have to do a professional development module somewhere too.
- Algebra and Functions (Maths)
- Calculus (Maths)
-• Data Handling (Maths)
- Exponentials, Logarithms, Trigonometry and Series (Maths)
- Vectors and Matrices (Maths) - All this is just maths - but this is probably going to come in extremely handy if you go into programming or networking.

I found that computing was a mixture of practical and written work - not too much in terms of written exams although with the maths modules in your course this might be different.I did at least 6 pieces of written work on my course but this varies - I did a few reports and then a few analytical pieces. I did some programming - made 6 programs in total in my first year.I made a website.I also made a database.I also did a group charity project for professional development.Overall my advice would be not to worry too much - Im sure you will really enjoy your course, Dont worry about being the oldest either - it was one of my main worries when restarting in education - you will find as your course is aimed at mature students you will be with lots of different ages.Also, dont put off work - honestly, prioritise it. There is nothing worse than being sat on deadline night in front of a blank word document having to write 2000 words before 12PM haha. Lastly Enjoy yourself
I hope this answers some of your questions and helps you a bit, If you want to talk anymore then feel free to inbox me
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Hi ChloeU56,
Thank you so much for your help. You have been very kind and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me. I am going to use the website Code Academy to get a head start in coding and I have to start learning maths ( calculus, trig, logarithms etc) because I have never done them before and come September I don't want to be stuck on them.

I will will give you a shout if I need any more guidance. But thank you so much once again!!

How is your course going, and if you don't mind me asking which uni were you doing this FdSc course at. Because I would like to explore all my options before September to make sure I am making the right choice for me.

Kind regards

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