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Headphones that won't break!

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    Basically I go through so many pairs of headphones it's not funny. Since January I've been through 2 pairs of CX300's (although i did manage to get amazon to give me a refund ) Last year I went through about 4 pairs of various headphones. I liked the CX300's but with the amount of use they get they just couldn't take the daily wear and tear and the flimsy casing around the actual headphone meant the wires must've dislodged inside. So can anyone recommend any headphones that are sturdy. I'm willing to pay around £35 quid since I do use them regularly and appreciate good sound quality.

    To be honest, it seems like you just need to take better care of them. Get a better case that's got cushioning. Something like this: http://www.headphone.com/products/ac...ravel-case.php. If you don't have a case, then I would suggest getting one.

    And if they're breaking/cracking at the seams, then put some super-glue over the seams so they don't break. If the wires are coming out, then maybe you're pulling on them? Put some super-glue where the wires go into the earphones.

    "Daily wear and tear" shouldn't break two pair of earphones in six months.
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    When I say I use them a lot, I'm talking 6 or 7 hours a day sometimes more (I spend a lot of time commuting and then listen during the day). So where 6 months may not sound a lot its actually more like 18 months. The CX300's are the only expensive-ish pair I've had, the rest are cheapy in the box earphones that I've nicked off various people. Earphones are preferable but If there are any particularly good over the head, headphones I would get them.

    Sennheiser PX100 or maybe HD205, the latter being more durable I would imagine. With earphones, most of them have similar build qualities, even the really expensive ones.

    And I don't think it matters how much you listen to them, as listening to them should do nothing to strain the physical earphone itself. It all has to do with how they're handled and taken care of.
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    Well yeah but the more you use them, the more chance there is of accidently tugging the wire with your coat or something. Your right about the PX100's I had a pair of them before but (believe it or not) we had just bought a new kitten and she decided that her toys weren't good enough and preffered my headphones instead lol!
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Updated: June 29, 2007
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