Struggling to use deep proccessing effectivly

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I started to study a Cdl book driving. So I did some research and learn about spaced reps and concept map. I got myself a copy of anki(space rep software) and a mind map software for concept maps. The only problem I have is note taking. So I did some research and found out about deep processing. I watch this video( )
and learn some stuff and now I am having some problem using this new way of learning.

There four steps in this learning technique that the professor try to teachlaborating - similarity
Distinctiveness - difference
Compare to personal experience
How can it be use for future use

Since I never rode a truck before or done anything with a truck, I can't use the elaborating and distinctiveness since because there no prior knowledge to compare the new knowledge with.

Also comparing to personal experience is not possible because I had no personal experience with tractor and trailer.

"How can I use this for future use" is the only step I have no problem because there no point of learning this if I not going to be using it in the future.

For example, how can I use this learning style to remember information like the following below:

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I appreciate your help, unless you guys have a better learning style or note taking technique I appreciate that too.


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