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    Hi there, I had my RAF medical around 6 weeks ago where I was classed as TMU because of acne on my back.

    The acne is no where near severe and it is only a small amount although I do have quite a bit of scaring, my GP (who has served in the RAF) said that I should never have been failed as I don't have any live acne.

    I have been prescribed antibiotics which have worked reasonably well but I'm concerned that the acne won't have fully healed/gone away in time for my second medical

    So my question is, as my GP has offered to write a letter in my favour to take with me and give to the medical examiner explaining the situation, would that help?

    There's not really anyone who can give you that answer apart from the RAF medical people. This forum is full of people who've been TMU/PMU because of seemingly 'silly' things (myself included), but the RAF has the control of their standards, and if they say no its a no.

    Taking the letter can't hurt. Have some hope in that its just Temporarily Medically Unfit - theres always a chance. I hope it all goes your way.

    My daughter had her medical on the 9th September but was put as Temporarily Medically Unfit for 4 weeks because they hadnt received a letter from our family doctor with regards to an 'alleged' asthma situation 4 years ago. She has basically had a spirometory back in January where the results were she had never had asthma. My question would be, she has sent the letter to the AFCO office this week by recorded delivery. Will the AFCO office get back to her within the 4 week period or should she contact them herself? I dont want the 4 week period to lapse and nothing has happened. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Any advise to an overly anxious mum would be greatly received.
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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