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    So I am reapplying to uni after having taken a gap year, and I was wondering if my circumstances would be accepted as "mitigating".

    When I sat my first highers in 2013 (S5), my family was going through a horrible financial situation. This led to me developing symptoms of anxiety and depression - which affected my academics as I couldn't focus on work efficiently. I didn't do particularly well in S5 so I went to the GP to address my issues after most of my exams had finished.
    My bad mental health continued and so did my parent's financial troubles. Despite this I was able to knuckle down and I got 4 a's in S6 - including 1 advanced higher.
    Since then I've taken time off to save up and help my parents; but my mental health has arguably deteriorated.
    I will be going to college this year to try and get into a better uni, but the two I'm interested in would like proof of my circumstances in S5. I've already seen the GP and would get a note - although he said it won't be the strongest note because I only went to see him after my exams.
    Is there anything else I could/should do to prove my circumstances? Could I use my parent's financial records as proof, or would a GP's note with the reference be enough?

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    What you need is as much independent evidence as you can gather.
    The GP can give you a medical opinion, but were there any other independent professionals who you were involved with? Social worker, local priest or someone who might know the situation or teachers who cna verify what was happening? Te GP can say say they have veen treatong yopu for depressiion etc and it was linked to the financial difficulties.

    No idea what has happened financially? made bankrupt, business became insolvent etc? Its easier to tell a story if it can be shown the financial difficulties were serious. If you are already in contact wit your two prospective unis then just ask them and sound them out about what you will be probiding and what they might find useful.

    They need to be saitisfied of your version of events and that it is likely to have had the effect you claim rather than being an excuse.

    Imo you really need to get your mental health sorted out before going to Uni, so you are confident you can cope.
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    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    Unfortunately I was never open to teachers about my situation; they just know I didn't do well one year and was a top student the next.

    I guess I could contact the headteacher, maybe explain what was going on at the time and then get some sort of reference.
    I moved to the UK 5 years ago, so I don't really have any contacts with social care workers.
    I do have proof of the delicate situation we were in, but I feel it's harder to prove how it affected me - other than the GPs note - when I only really did something about it when I was sitting my exams.
    Having said that, I will certainly speak to the universities and thanks again for your help
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