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    I sometimes fear my classical liberal leanings leave me in a minority of one, certainly if one were to go by the leanings of the mass media this would be a natural assumption, but I digress.

    Reading and digesting this amongst many other articles on the subject I'm left with a lot of nagging question marks. If the Remainers "win" with, say, 51% to 49% or similar then far from being a ringing endorsement of the EU (as it most certainly will be presented) I think any such close result throws the crisis in EU legitimacy directly into the limelight.

    Readers of a more liberal bent by definition understand the anti-democratic nature of the EU but one wonders what the masses will make of technocrats pretending a "win" by 1 or 2% is a resounding endorsement of establishment opinion? If the Remainers win, this will not be the end of the debate but the beginning of something far, far larger and potentially nastier. The EU and its supporters have no respect at all for democracy or public opinion and treat them as taxable cash cows for the milking and nothing else. Any time public opinion is not in their favour it is derided as "populist" and any time it is in their favour it is presented as a deep-seated endorsement of their rotten policies and rotten edifices and revolving door job-op corporatism.

    So the result of this is a ratchet system. Heads we win Tails you lose. Power goes one way and one way alone in Europe: Upwards. "No" "Non" and "Nein" votes are mere obstacles to be overcome and never food for thought or reflection on the legitimacy of their rotten project. If their illegitimacy and lack of accountability is not yet clear to the peoples of Europe then the ratchet system means in good time it will become crystal clear.

    A vote for Remain on the 23rd June will be a desperate and successful grasping of the status quo, and equally it will condemn the anti-democratic circus freakshow of Europe to trundling onwards and deeper into authoritarian quicksand and ultimately an existential crisis of gargantuan proportions which could well mean war at some point in the future.

    A vote for Brexit will precipitate a much milder crisis in the short-term, possibly with other members leaving the 28 country bloc, but it is by far the lesser of two evils to call time on this unworkable nightmare. I would draw parallels with the situation in Greece, had the Greeks reneged on their debts, gone back to the Drachma, and told the EU to sod off they would more than likely be well into recovery by now, but instead they are 5 years deep into the depression to end all depressions with no end in sight. Make of that what you will.

    I hope with all my heart that Britain and Brexit will lead the way in an orderly and peaceful manner towards the successful dismantlement of a dangerous supranational entity. If we do not then the game will not end peacefully, but in a raising of the stakes higher and higher until no one can back down and violence becomes inevitable because of the Elite's fear of democracy and fear of their own electorates.

    Leaving the EU will temporarily shut out its problems from us, but what goes on in Europe will inevitably affect us. We will always have to face the problems of this world head-on, and its easier to do that with the political influence we have in the EU, and not shutting it out and praying that it will behave itself.
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Updated: June 22, 2016
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