So what do I expect if I do English Literature?

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I have currently finished high school and I am deciding what A levels I should do in September. I’m quite into science and did triple science for GCSE so I’m used to learning a lot of content therefore I’ve decided I’m definitely doing Biology and Chemistry but I want to do English Literature instead of Physics. I’ve liked doing literature in GCSEs but I don’t really know what to expect in terms of content in September. Will I have to write a lot of essays during the year that are part of/not part of coursework? Also how many books and pieces would I have to read, you probably couldn’t give me a precise answer because every college has different exam boards but if I was doing AQA? I know I’m asking a lot of questions and all but I really don’t know what to expect. Also will I have a book or the text that I’m writing about in the exam with me or will I need to memorise certain quotes? Also is it too much work to be doing it with two equally if not harder subjects: Biology and Chemistry? Please answer, thanks.
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I've never been on the AQA exam board for English but I can answer some of your questions as a Literature student. Yes, you will have to write a lot of essays throughout the year in order to practice your writing skills. It is possible to successfully study science subjects and literature but you have to bear in mind that these subjects require very different skills/ revision techniques. Generally, at A Level there are some open book exams and some closed book exams but I think this has changed now and all exams are closed book (which means you'll have to memorize quotes). You'll probably end up studying a handful of plays, a handful of poetry texts and a handful of novels. I studied around 11 different texts over two years (It didn't feel like a lot though).

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