Jobs after doing biological sciences

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Hi, I was wondering what jobs would be available after doing a degree in biological sciences.

The biggest one I have heard is becoming a teacher - which to me seems a little pointless as you merely become one link in a circle (just my opinion though!)

Obviously a phD would be useful and is a possibility for furthering my knowledge and buying more time to decide.

I'm not too sure about what lab work opportunities would open up, to be honest lab work seems a bit dull to me for a job day in day out.

Are there any other possibilities that you can think of? Marine biologist sounds nice of course, but jobs are few, far between and poorly paid - d'oh!

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scientific research is probably the most interesting option available. if you don't want to be stuck doing lab work, i'm sure there are jobs out in the sea looking at sharks or observing animals in the rainforests etc.

although if you are looking for a very well paid job then you can pretty much forget about research completely (unless you are a genius or can find an industrial company willing to pay a lot).
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Forensic science
Research (moving up to management positions if you don't want to be stuck in the lab itself)
Yeah, marine biology is another one I guess; also conservation?
Academia - not necessarily teaching but maybe lecturing at a university (in addition to the research obviously)

I'd DEFINITELY go for the PhD if you want to work in science, especially research. You'll need to accept that scientists are not well-paid; unfortunately this seems to be a (hugely unjust) fact of life - unless you do something amazing or get really high up in the big pharmaceutical companies.

Alternatively, go in a completely different direction - maybe do a law conversion course and specialise in a related area of law (there must be one!), or go work in the City, or... well anything really. Employers seem to love scientists. You'd definitely make money that way...
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always have a looksee in the back of new sci! so many jobs there to give u a taster whats really out there. When ur at uni doing urbio sci, u'll be exposed to diff opportunities in career after you have graduated. Sodont worry about becoming a high school teacher, I used to do the same...but I guess what I'm trying to say is that you'll find out more at uni where you wanna go. You could do PhD as MadNatSci said, or go into fast-track course like med or dentistry, or uni lecturer, gettign best of both worlds, bit of teaching and researching.
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