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Do I have a high sex drive for a girl? watch

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    Ok, I'm a 20 year old and on average, I think about sex 3/4 times a day (which could increase depending on if there's a guy I fancy) and maturbate every day (unless i'm really stressed/busy). It was alot worse when I was in my teens, on days where there wasn't much to do i'd masturbate 3/4 times lol (would do more if it wasn't physically draining, sorry tmi)
    I feel like if I was a guy this would be more normal. I'm not sure if most girls are like this and keep it private (like I do) or my sex drive is just high because none of my friends ever talk about this kind of stuff.

    It's ABSOLUTELY normal, believe me
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    Normal. I think girls are just as horny as guys when single, if a tad less indiscriminate in who they'd shag. The libido gap tends to open up a bit in longer term relationships.
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    Man I just love sex. Sex is good for human overal health anyway, so there is no need to be worried about how often you touch yourself or get someone else to do it for you! Sex and orgasms release tension and endorphins which make you happier

    What do you mean ' for a girl' ? :P

    You can think about these things as often or as little as you like. It's normal. It's fine. Don't beat yourself up or worry over your own needs. Everybody is different.
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    Totally fine and normal lol. I'm about the same (as an 18 yo girl). Everyone is different when it comes to sex drive, don't sweat it.

    No big deal. If you consider that lots of people still think masturbation is 'dirty' and you'll go blind or whatever, some of those thoughts might have rubbed off on you, so you end up doubting yourself. Thinking about sex and masturbating every day is fine as long as it's not a complete obsession and you fail to go to the shops and consequently starve to death. Otherwise, enjoy it: it's good for headaches, makes you feel good and works your heart. You'll outlive the Victorian grannies that say there is something wrong about all this.
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